1stDibs Reveals 2021 1stDibs 50

The annual list of 50 top designers includes 27 new honorees.

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1stDibs 50

1stDibs​ has announced this year’s ​1stDibs 50​. The list comprises 50 of the most talented designers from around the world, distinguished by their unique ability to curate antique, vintage and contemporary furnishings, fine art and decorative objects, yielding rooms that are memorable and meaningful. Each honoree is profiled in an immersive digital hub​ on 1stDibs.com that showcases an exceptional project she or he designed, which for the first time, is ​shoppable​ on the site.

Assembled by the 1stDibs editorial team, this year’s ​1stDibs 50​ includes 27 designers who are new to the list, as well as five who have appeared on it every year since its debut, in 2017. Geographically, the list contains designers based in such countries as Spain, France, England and Russia, in addition to the United States. The 50 interiors selected for the compilation are primarily living rooms, reflecting the fact that today these are multifunctional spaces, where many people spend the majority of their time.

“In the past year, quarantine forced us all to direct our gaze inward and rethink how we use the spaces in our homes — a development that has effectively pushed the boundaries of interior design as we know it,” said Anthony Barzilay Freund, Editorial Director and Director of Fine Art, 1stDibs. “It’s turned our attention away from classically beautiful rooms, toward spaces that are at once exhilarating and soothing; transporting and rooted in the here and now; visually striking, yes, but also extremely comfortable and practical, accommodating a variety of activities.

“To fully capture the widespread, innovative thinking in our industry, the vetting process for this year’s list was particularly extensive,” Freund continued. “Our team cast a wide net to identify firms around the globe working at the peak of their powers. From this research, we arrived at 50 spaces that are truly remarkable. It’s no surprise, then, that more than half of our list comprises names entirely new to the ‘1stDibs 50.’ We’re honored to celebrate their creativity, ingenuity and contributions to design.”

While past iterations of the “1stDibs 50” have been celebrated via a printed book and an in-person fête, this year’s compilation has been brought to life in an immersive and, for the first time, shoppable digital hub, which offers a globally accessible platform for celebrating the honorees. Designers are recognized in individual profiles on 1stDibs.com, with descriptions of their firms’ work firm’s work and quotes detailing their design philosophies, providing tips for creating unique and memorable spaces. Each profile features an exceptional interior exemplifying the designer’s work and spotlights similar contemporary and/or vintage pieces selected by the designer, that can be purchased on 1stDibs.com to re-create the look. 

This year’s “1stDibs 50” comprises the following firms:

  • Amber Interiors​
  • Bunny Williams Interior Design​ 
  • Casa Muñoz
  • Chris Shao Studio LLC​
  • Clive Lonstein, Inc.
  • Damon Liss Design​ 
  • Darryl Carter, Inc.​ 
  • David Kleinberg Design Associates
  • Fabrizio Casiraghi​ 
  • Fawn Galli Interiors​
  • Fern Santini
  • Irakli Zaria Interiors​ 
  • Jeremiah Brent
  • Ken Fulk
  • Kerry Joyce Associates
  • Laura Hodges Studio
  • Leyden Lewis Design Studio​ 
  • Lindroth Design Co.
  • M Interiors
  • Madeline Stuart​
  • McAlpine
  • Melanie Raines
  • Michael S. Smith Inc.
  • Michelle Gerson Interiors​
  • Nate Berkus Associates
  • Neal Beckstedt Studio
  • Nina Farmer Interiors​
  • Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors
  • Peter Mikic Interiors​
  • Rachel Chudley
  • Rafael de Cárdenas, Ltd.
  • Redd Kaihoi
  • Robert Couturier Inc.​
  • Rockwell Group​
  • Romanek Design Studio
  • S.R. Gambrel
  • Sean Leffers Interiors
  • Shawn Henderson Interior Design
  • Sheila Bridges Design
  • SheltonMindel
  • Solís Betancourt & Sherrill
  • Studio Shamshiri
  • Summer Thornton Design
  • Suzy Hoodless​
  • Thad Hayes
  • Wendy Labrum Interiors​
  • Wesley Moon
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