7 Tips for Making Your Business More Fun

Reframing work as a fun activity can help boost performance.

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fun at work
7 tips for fun at work

Are you having fun in your business?

When you enjoy something, you are happier (and that makes the people around you happier as well). On the other hand, if you find a task painful, you generally don’t perform as well.

Rethinking your approach to certain tasks allows you to look at your entire business through a different lens. This concept applies not only to numbers-driven aspects of the business, but to company culture as well.

Some ways to increase the fun:

1. Make work a game

Challenge yourself to complete simple tasks more quickly and efficiently.

  • Can you create an estimate in 30 minutes rather than two hours?
  • Is there a way to review a P&L statement in five minutes rather than 30?
  • Can you put a room scheme together or refresh a merchandising vignette in a few hours or a day?

2. Create a team spirit

Some people would rather play a team sport than a solo one. When it comes to tasks that no one enjoys, the adage that “misery loves company” is certainly relevant, but you can adapt that concept to  “misery with company reduces the misery.” How can you foster a team spirit so that the less-than-pleasant work becomes a bonding experience?

3. Make it visual

Most of us are visual thinkers. The more visual you can make the business, the more interesting and fun it can be. Use diagrams and visual techniques in everything you do.

4. Get aligned

A team that rows together is more fun and productive than one that plays tug of war against itself. You can achieve alignment in interesting ways. For example, try posing these questions to the leadership team and then discuss the answers.

  • What is one word to describe our company?
  • How far are we from the edge of the cliff?
  • Would you invest in this company? Why or why not?

5. Be a giver

The joy of giving can come back to you in many ways. Think of the various recipients of your giving: clients, prospects, past clients, employees, trade contractors, and suppliers. Find ways to help them.

6. Say no

Turning down a potential problem client will provide you with an immediate sense of relief, and save a lot of pain later.

7. Create fun

Whether it’s team-building activities in the office, like a chili cook-off or assembling a cycling team (complete with jerseys), you can strengthen your company culture with an endless list of fun initiatives.

Having fun is a choice that requires little energy but brings in returns that far outweigh the investment. Having fun with your team strengthens company culture. Sponsor regular activities for employees that will appeal to them, such as outings to local farmers markets and time spent with other craftspeople learning how they work.

Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson is the author of Next Level blog

Mark G. Richardson is the host of Remodeling Mastery, a podcast series designed to help you take your business to the next level. He also writes for Furniture, Lighting & Decor's sister publication, Professional Remodeler
He is the author of three bestselling books:
How fit is your business?
Are you fit to grow?
The art of time mastery

Mark advises business owners how to take their businesses to the next level.

Mark can be reached at [email protected] or (301) 275-0208

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