Chelsea House Debuts Elaine Burge Home Decor Collection at High Point Market

Chelsea House announces a collaboration with designer Elaine Burge.

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Elaine Burge, Chelsea House
The new Elaine Burge collection for Chelsea House will debut at High Point Market.

Chelsea House will introduce the Elaine Burge Collection at the upcoming High Point Market in June.

Elaine Burge is an acclaimed artist and jewelry designer based in Georgia. Her work is known for its vibrant color and sophisticated, yet whimsical, aesthetic. Burge’s designs for Chelsea House include lamps, boxes, trays and wastebaskets. Besides swaths of joyful colors, Burge incorporates nature such as a gold pheasant and hunting dog atop some of her box designs. 

"Chelsea House is known for sophistication and color," said Pam Cain, president. "Elaine brings both of these attributes and so much more in her unique designs. Her art has a joy that lifts the spirits and lifts the spaces it's placed in."

Burge credits her inspiration to her life spent on open land in rural Georgia where she lives with her family, four dogs and 15 chickens. She says the "skies are open, the wildlife plentiful and the land endless." Burge also credits the peaceful pace that allows her to "celebrate life with paint." 

The Elaine Burge Collection will be shown in the Chelsea House showroom at 200 N Hamilton St., Suite 104.

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