Clive Christian Furniture Collaborates With Renovation Angel, Used Kitchen Exchange

The collaborations demonstrate Clive Christian Furniture's commitment to providing sustainable luxury. 

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Clive Christian Furniture

Clive Christian Furniture, the British maker of the original statement kitchen, announced their collaborations with Renovation Angel and The Used Kitchen Exchange, offering upcycling and recycling options to keep luxury furnishings and finishes out of landfills.

Committed to sustainably sourcing raw materials and finished goods, Clive Christian Furniture is employing practices to further ensure the safety and longevity of our world and its inhabitants. By collaborating with two organizations – the Used Kitchen Exchange in the UK and Renovation Angel in the USA, Clive Christian Furniture is encouraging consumers and designers to choose recycling and upcycling of existing furnishings and finishes rather than demolition.  Both organizations provide removal, appraisal and resale services allowing gently used products to be recycled back into service.  Clive Christian Furniture showrooms and designers will connect interested consumers to one of the two collaborators at the front of any project, allowing for proper planning and maximizing of all reclamation opportunities.

"When we made the decision to acquire Clive Christian Furniture, part of our reasoning was that the brand and collections have incredible resilience.  Many Clive Christian Furniture kitchens, dressing rooms and the like - built up to 20 years ago - are still cherished and relevant today. Designing and building for longevity is one of the most significant ways we can positively impact our environment,” said David Dare, CEO and owner, Clive Christian Furniture.  “When a homeowner determines it is time to move forward with a renovation, if they wish to remove existing, gently used finishes and furnishes, we feel it is our responsibility to provide a thoughtful solution that reduces or eliminates the need for any components to find their way into the landfill.  Our collaborations with Renovation Angel and the Used Kitchen Exchange allow us to fulfill that responsibility.

On average for every kitchen sold, the re-use of the kitchen saves 6 tons of carbon which equates to approximately one complete year of being carbon neutral for a family of 4.  The desire to embrace “conscious or sustainable luxury” crosses all demographic groups.  Recent data, shared by UK-based Barton Consulting – specializing in tracking the ultra-high net worth consumer – opines that luxury consumers are looking for ways to incorporate design choices that cater to “doing the right thing”, “purchasing items that will last – functionally and from a design perspective.”

As the originator of the British luxury statement kitchen, Clive Christian Furniture is committed to honoring provenance, craftsmanship and use of authentic materials as its guiding ethos.  Additionally, the brand continues to evolve its commitment to sustainable and responsible practice through this collaboration with Renovation Angel and the Used Kitchen Exchange, by utilizing traceable materials with a documented source of origin and designing products that stand the test of time.

Clive Christian Furniture believes luxury living has a conscience, contributing to the epitome of living life well.

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