Design Influencers Transform Twin Star Home Showroom at High Point Market

Michel Smith Boyd and Christy Davis are participating in Twin Star's Style Takeover initiative. 

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Christy Davis Michel Smith Boyd

Atlanta-based designer and television personality Michel Smith Boyd, and Columbia, SC designer Christy Davis are again working for some very special “clients” at High Point Market in October. Twin Star Home, the market leader in electric fireplaces, adjustable-height desks, and functional, design-rich furniture, welcome Boyd and Davis back to participate in the company’s popular Style Takeover initiative.

For the first time the Style Takeover will also include a hands-on professional learning experience for selected design and merchandising students from East Carolina University and High Point University who will intern for Twin Star Home and be teamed up with Boyd and Davis. “Mentoring is an important value to us at Twin Star Home,” said Lisa Cody, Vice President of Marketing. “Having design students involved in the Style Takeover is a natural evolution of the concept, which is about bringing a fresh, consumer-focused perspective to our Showroom and products. We are so excited to bring Michel and Christy back and are so appreciative of their partnership in mentoring our interns.”

Style Takeover designers are given the freedom to create spaces that match particular consumer profiles using the company’s broad range of products. Both of this market’s designers are Style Takeover veterans: Boyd adopted a section of Twin Star Home’s High Point showroom in April, and Davis was part of the Las Vegas Style Takeover in July. At the fall 2019 High Point Market they are deliberately given new consumer profiles and new products to work with so they can go even deeper into the Twin Star Home line.

“Michel and Christy are both seasoned creatives so it’s much more fun for them when they can tackle something new,” said Cody. “And we learn new things ourselves when we get to see Twin Star Home through their eyes.” Twin Star Home and the two designers will document the takeover process every step of the way, and the photos, interviews and design ideas generated during the Style Takeover will be used throughout the year in marketing and social media efforts as well as available to dealers who carry Twin Star Home products.

“I look forward to visiting Twin Star Home every High Point Market,” said Boyd. “Never have I experienced a brand that listens to their client’s needs and responds so quickly with functional and aesthetically beautiful product. That kind of exchange creates an opportunity for Twin Star Home and their clients to evolve together.”

The Style Takeover concept builds on Twin Star Home’s extensive consumer research. “We love that Michel and Christy understand Twin Star Home’s unique products, but even more important, they have a deep understanding of our consumer segments,” said Cody. “They take what we have created and put it to use in ways that work for real-life homes.”

Boyd, known for his sumptuous style and named one of the country’s top 20 African American designers, is creating traditional classic settings with a pink and gray palette and pieces from the Hamilton, Genevieve and Deerfield collections. He is also creating a contemporary environment inspired by the Cararra marble mantel and using pieces from the sleek and sophisticated Ashford collection. Additional vignettes include CoolGlow and Superstar fireplaces.

Davis, whose interior design expertise spans residential, commercial, new construction and remodel projects, is pairing soft gray walls with the wood and metal industrial chic of the Uptown Loft collection, and is turning to the retro modern Wright Collection and to versatile ActiveLife adjustable height desks plus entertainment and occasional. Fireplace vignettes borrowed from Twin Star Home’s extensive collection of fireplace mantels will showcase a comfortable farmhouse look. “It’s great to work with products that makes a house a “smart home” so easily,” said Davis. “Their attention to detail in offering safety features and innovation while including healthy life choices (like the standup desk) are all reasons I like working with Twin Star Home.”

“We are always focused on innovation, whether it’s in our products or extending into how we connect with the industry, and most importantly, consumers,” said Cody. “Our passion to do things differently is something we’re really proud of and the Style Takeover is a great example of how Twin Star Home is helping to shape and promote our industry.”

Twin Star Home’s High Point Showroom is in Market on Green, #602.

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