Designer Sandra Funk to Launch Interior Design Business Program

The new business-to-business program, launching in spring 2020, will streamline business structure and processes for interior designers.

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Sandra Funk Interior Design Standard
Sandra Funk

New York and New Jersey-based interior designer Sandra Funk of House of Funk has announced the introduction of a business-facing program as an extension of her company,

“The Interior Design Standard is a program comprised of my templates, systems, and processes, delivered in a digital format to help designers run a more efficient, joy-filled, and profitable business,” Funk says.

Spearheaded by principal designer and founder Funk, the program is targeted towards interior designers to guide them on the path of business success.

“The Interior Design Standard literally sets the standard for the business side of interior design. It's all that I’ve learned over nearly two decades in the design industry. I’m sharing my formula for success because I believe it’s time for all designers to rise together,” says Funk.

Funk's business acumen is attributed to her entrepreneurial upbringing in her family business, her finance degree, and the start of her career in business-process consulting. This business acumen translates to a program that includes access to all of Sandra’s processes and templates. Highlights include:

  • Funk's design fee calculator. Confidently calculate flat design fees in moments.
  • House of Funk’s design agreement, that both clients and designers love.
  • The exact process that each interior design project follows, from the first potential client contact to pitching the photos to press.

With such tremendously disparate, and often confusing, approaches to design business in the industry, notably standards of pricing, the Interior Design Standard navigates and redirects design professionals towards streamlined methods of business management and execution.

Says Funk: “We all work so differently, it’s been the wild west for far too long. It’s time for us to put some standards in place for better efficiency and profitability. If we all run better businesses, we are more respected, trusted, and valued. When we are more valued, we make more money. When we make more money, we don’t spread ourselves so thin. We have the time and financial freedom to do great, carefully considered design. The whole industry improves. It starts here: It’s time for a new interior design standard.”

Interior Design Standard is launching Spring 2020.

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