Dowel Furniture Partners With Mally Skok for Furniture Collection

The Mally Skok for Dowel Furniture collection features nine timeless, traditional designs influenced by vintage finds and European travels.

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Mally Skok

Family-owned luxury design brand Dowel Furniture today announced the introduction of its new capsule collection with South African born interior and textile designer Mally Skok, featuring timeless custom furniture designs.

Skok’s vision for the collection comes from a lifetime of family travels and her constant search to uncover vintage treasures and timeless designs. Just under a year in the making, The Well-Traveled Home collection will consist of nine designs: four chairs, two stools, two tables and one ottoman. From dusty English antique shops to Austrian ski trips, the designs bring about a personal fondness for their timeless simplicity, functionality and details.

“From the time I started receiving pocket money, my sister and I would spend hours sifting through second-hand shops. From the lowliest country chair to the loftiest inlaid chest, my love of unusual furniture has never waned,” said Skok.

As the brand’s third licensee, Dowel Furniture sibling co-founders Ray Hallare and Joanne Hallare Lee ensured Skok’s vision lead the creative direction while their family’s extensive product manufacturing experience lead the way for high-quality workmanship and customization options.

Skok started with simple sketches, and the team finalized the collection with an in-person product review in the Philippines factory. A rewarding learning process for all parties, the Well-Traveled Home collection will make its trade debut at High Point Market in April 2019.

“Collaborating with a designer who has accumulated such vast cultural experiences and a global vision for the collection made the product development process an eye-opening experience,” says co-founders Joanne Hallare Lee and Ray Hallare. “The collection is as if we put Mally’s colorful, adventurous life into product, resulting in a range of influence and history behind each design.”

Known for their high quality and approachable luxury furniture and casegoods, Dowel Furniture, in collaboration with Skok will offer six custom color finishes for this collection, outside of the brand’s traditional four wood finishes. Custom colors include Vermeer Blue, Fresh Jade, Bosphorus Green, Buttercup Yellow, Clapboard White and Red Barn.

Like all Dowel Furniture offerings, the Mally Skok for Dowel Furniture collection will blend both luxury and approachability, built directly from the family factory having over 30 years of experience. For additional information, visit

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