Dutch Boy Paints Announces 2019 Color of the Year

The company announced Garden Patch as its pick along with three color design palettes. 

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Dutch Boy Garden Patch living room

As 2019 Color of the Year picks start to roll in from paint companies, Dutch Boy has announced its choice: Garden Patch 326-5DB.

Garden Patch, a green that is not too deep and not too primary, is a nostalgic, botanical hue that stands out for its warm and calming effect. Paired with soft naturals and pops of warm colors, Garden Patch offers rejuvenation and peace at the end of the day in every room of the home.

“Garden Patch is a great color that can be used in all areas of the home,” said Rachel Skafidas, Color and Design Manager, Dutch Boy Paints. “When the Dutch Boy color team selects a color, we want it to be something the homeowner can use to transform just about any space.”

Along with the Color of the Year pick, the company announced three eight-color design palettes—Homestead, Studio and Sanctuary—that embody a happier, more empathetic country seeking greater peace and understanding while celebrating diversity at the same time.

“All of our colors for 2019 have a happier tone and reflect an upswing in how people are feeling. Even colors that are traditionally on the cooler side of the palette have a level of warmth and happiness than what we’ve seen in the recent past,” said Skafidas. “Even though people may see challenges in their lives, they’re thinking positively and expressing more empathy.”

Green is prominently featured in all three Dutch Boy design trends.

The Homestead palette captures the feeling of simple living, embracing the craftsmanship of other cultures and the pristine beauty around us. Grounded in soft neutrals and fuchsias, reds and an inspired green, natural warmth is the key. Colors include: Antiqued Fuchsia 246-7DB, Preppy Pink 204-5DB, Fruity Pink 105-2DB, Garden Patch 326-5DB, North Haven 334-4DB, Silenced Blue 339-2DB, Warmed Silver 440-1DB and Antiqued Lace 017W.

Studio is inspired by a culture of inclusiveness and the celebration of our differences. Telling the stories of our heritage to our forming tribe, embracing uniqueness and removing obstacles to achieve success. Colors include: Summer Treat 108-6DB, Honeybee Yellow 116-6DB, Mineralized Jade 230-5DB, Wave Runner 135-7DB, Santa Rosa Red 204-7DB, Glitterberry 147-6DB, Baltic Gray 437-1DB and Cooled Graphite 436-6DB.

Sanctuary reflects a new focus on spirituality that is making its way into our mindset and our homes, as we seek a place that both shelters and nourishes us. The colors for Sanctuary are built in two halves: one with muted, calming pastels and the second with deep, saturated hues that add a bit of energy to the palette. Colors include: Plume Purple 341-7DB, Dashing Blue 339-6DB, Crystal Beach 135-2DB, Hidden Garden 330-5DB, Fairy Wing 332-1DB, Lime Flower 124-3DB, Antiqued Parasol 109-2DB and Blue Wood Aster 243-1DB.

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