Fringe Benefits

Take a walk on the wild side with these bad-to-the-bone accessories. 

Jennifer Pinto
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Can you handle the fringe?

Generations of bikers, hippies and cowpunchers can’t be wrong: There’s just something about fringe. Sure, it’s festive. Certainly, it shimmies. But it’s not for the faint of heart, and therein lies the pure magic. Daring, dramatic and maybe even a bit disruptive, those long, loose strands are a foolproof way to turn heads and command attention.

Do you dare to include the edgy edging in your decor mix? Here are four reasons why the answer should always be a resounding, “Yes!”

Konekt-ThingThing — Konekt 

The joy of juxtaposition is endless, especially when it comes to Konekt’s Thing stool. Featuring luxurious velvet upholstery on top and a party, er, Mongolian horsehair on bottom, this distinctive accessory lends just the right amount of wild abandon to an upscale interior.

This bold statement piece will stand out no matter what, but give it the attention it deserves by keeping the rest of the space calm, cool and collected with a neutral palette and sleek, modern furniture. 



Ben-and-Aja-Blanc-Half-Moon-MirrorHalf Moon Mirror — Ben & Aja Blanc

What’s cooler than being cool? Providence, RI-based studio Ben & Aja Blanc is about as ice cold as it gets. The couple’s carefully curated home decor collection celebrates what they call “design frisson – an elegant balance of beauty and functionality.”

Half Moon Mirror stays true to the studio’s signature style with its large semi-circle of mirrored glass trimmed with texture-rich hand-spun, hand-painted silk fiber fringe. We love this reflective accent saddled up to natural materials like wool, leather, wood and stone. 


Studio-Marta-Manente-Balanco-RevoarBalanco Revoar — Studio Marta Manente

For Marta Manente, being unique isn’t just about marching to the beat of different drum. In a highly competitive marketplace, it’s a means of survival. Apparently, the Brazilian designer plans to be around for a while.

Her Balanco Revoar, a playful take on accent seating (yep, it’s a swing), is sure to be the talk of the room. Starring ecru leather and fringe down to there, this boho stunner is just the thing to soften up an industrial space or add some whimsy to an otherwise dreary corner. 


 Laura-Kirar-for-McGuire-Furniture-Guernica-lounge-chairGuernica Lounge Chair — Laura Kirar for McGuire Furniture 

Some people are only happy when it’s complicated. Those folks will love designer Laura Kirar’s Guernica lounge chair for McGuire Furniture. Each individual lounger is handcrafted by a single craftsperson who painstakingly creates the fringe by pulling contrasting smooth and textured laces of varying lengths through 3,500 tiny holes.

The process takes several weeks to complete. The effect is dramatic, fearless and oh-so-comfortable. Double the pleasure, double the fun: Kirar loves the look in groups of two. 



Are your customers and clients digging the fringe? Share with us in the comments!

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