Furnishing Hope Launches 50 Homes in 50 Days California Project

Furnishing Hope is seeking donations and goods to support its 50 Homes in 50 Days project. 

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Furnishing Hope, 50 Homes in 50 Days, California
Furnishing Hope/s 50 Homes in 50 Days project supports families and disabled veterans.

Furnishing Hope, a non-profit organization based in Orange County, CA, has announced the launch of their November 2020 Campaign - 50 Home in 50 Days, as a way to help 50 families find sanctuary before the end of the year. 
The program is funded through a combination of in-kind donations from national brands, wholesale manufacturers and with the support of community volunteers. Furnishing Hope helps to provide a fresh start for California families with children, as well as wounded veterans, who are transitioning into independent living. Transforming empty spaces into peaceful and comfortable homes by installing new furniture, mattresses, bedding, bathroom and kitchenware lessens the burden caused by homelessness. 

Founder Beth Phillips, Executive Director, Furnishing Hope shares, “Our philosophy is Nothing is more important than home; we believe that having a place to feel safe and secure while looking after one’s health and well-being is of utmost importance. For more than 30 years, we have turned empty houses into homes, with design and care, establishing a nurturing environment so families can recover from loss, adjust to disabilities and regain independence, dignity and stability. Empowering families and the communities they live in to stop the cycle of homelessness gives people the tools to build a brighter future.” 

Robyn Phillips, Program Director, Furnishing Hope, commented “Creating this initiative, 50 Home in 50 Days, actually started as an ambitious goal at the beginning of the year when we accomplished something we had never done before. Starting in April, and finishing in June as the world literally came to a stop, we installed 75 homes in 3 months."

Because of California’s shutdown due to Covid-19, Furnishing Hope saw an opportunity to ramp up their installations and help even more families while there was less activity and traffic. Phillips further shared  that adapting to coronavirus safety protocols and physical distancing was managed by gaining access before each family moved in instead of installing spaces that were inhabited by family members and also worrying about how to keep everyone safe. 

She added, “As we approach this holiday season, and have made it through one of the toughest years in our nation’s history, it’s truly heartwarming to know that with our efforts 50 more families will be sleeping in homes and finally feeling secure, that each of the families we are fortunate enough to help may have the opportunity to share a meal with their loved ones instead of being in a shelter or living on the streets. It brings an overwhelming joy as we continue to help people start new chapters and rebuild their lives.” 

Furnishing Hope

To donate in support of Furnishing Hope’s 50 Homes in 50 Days, drop-off locations and local pickups are being scheduled for new furniture, lighting, mirrors, children’s items, toys, rugs and wall decor. For an appointment to donate call their FH Home Retail Store at 949.524.5937. 

To lend your support and volunteer, visit https://furnishinghope.org/ways-to-give/. 
Furnishing Hope is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-denominational, organization

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