Group Law: Geometric Tables

Call off the nerd alert. These geometric tables are too cool for school. 

Jennifer Pinto
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Sharp lines and sharper designs.

Remember when your 4th grade teacher would drone on about right angles, line segments and isosceles triangles, and you rolled your eyes because “like in real life when would you ever actually use this stuff anyway?” And then later, it sort of all clicked when you realized measuring the circumference and figuring out area and volume did, in fact, have everyday uses? 

Fast forward to adulthood when geometry is, well, everywhere — from the sports field to your backyard remodel to your living room. In home decor land, 2017 was a particularly good year for geometric shapes and patterns. The likes of which have popped up across virtually all product categories. And the trend shows no signs of slowing. In fact, Pantone predicts that one of the hottest home trends for 2018 (the color experts have added home trends to their forecasting repertoire) will be—you guessed it—geometric patterns.

In the meantime, check out these geometric tables that reach their full style potential when their faceted shapes fit together in groups of three or more. 

Christopher-Guy-Ensemble-coffee-table-geometric-tablesEnsemble coffee table—Christopher Guy

Sure you could have just one elegant coffee table, but why would you want that? Three’s company when it comes to Ensemble from Christopher Guy. Each of table’s three geometric sections features a natural tabac finish, topped with black Nero Marquina marble.

Fit the pieces together for a continuous surface, or style them separately. And if you must, the largest section is available on it’s own.  



 Estudiobola-Diamante-side-tables-geometric-tablesDiamante side tables—Estudiobola

Attendees of this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair enjoyed a unique opportunity to get to know designers like Flavio Borsato and Mauricio Lamosa of Estudiobola through the Raiz Project, an initiative focused on promoting the work of Brazilian designers. In lacquered medium-density fiberboard, the duo’s colorful Diamante side tables were a highlight of the show, and we’re still going ga-ga for their geometric forms. While they can definitely stand alone, pull them together in groups of two or three for a look that’s lindo maravilhoso.



Art-&-Guile-All-Together-Now-Side-table-geometric-tableAll Together Now side table—Art & Guile 

What do you get when you cross a painter-printmaker with a passion for surface, line and shape with a 3-D modeler who loves beautiful engineering? Pure magic. The All Together Now side tables from Kate Hopkins and Christopher Boynton of Art & Guile are made for movement. Scoot them around to serve as side tables and stools and bring them back together to form a longer, communal surface. The combined effect is stunning in monochrome, or you can mix-and-match your favorite of four finishes in solid Walnut and Maple.




Shine-by-S.H.O.-Luc-coffee-table-geometric-tablesLuc coffee table—Shine by S.H.O

California girl Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz knows how to do effortlessly cool. When the founder of Shine by S.H.O isn’t outfitting Malibu retreats for the rich and famous, jetting off to the West Indies or loving on her husband (Shine by S.H.O co-founder Russ Ortiz) and their four kiddos, she’s designing chic geometric coffee tables like Luc here.

Stagger the two-piece table for a SoCal look that elegant and perfectly unfussy. 




Which of these geometric tables do you think your consumers will line up for? Share with us in the comments!

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