How to Improve Your YouTube Traffic

Here are some tips to help you boost views on your video content.

Katie Caron
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(Photo: Pexels)
(Photo: Pexels)

You know how much work it can take to produce just one video for your business. There’s nothing more frustrating than putting in all that time in effort, only for the views to come up short. It’s important to know that making the video is the first step, and the second step is helping your audience find that video.

Here are a few ways you can get more eyes on your video content so it gets the traffic it deserves.

Write strong video titles and descriptions

Writing good video titles and descriptions with carefully chosen keywords can go a long way in helping people find your videos. Your title should tell the audience exactly what they’ll see in the video, and the description should give a detailed overview.

Titles should be informative but also succinct. For example, a video titled “Market recap” will likely not do very well in search returns because it’s lacking keywords. Make sure to be descriptive — which market are you recapping? Are there any noteworthy people, products or organizations featured in your video? Pick one or two of these to mention in your title and go into more depth in your description. A better title would be something like, "Robin Baron talks Interior Design at Fall High Point Market." This features more terms that people are likely to be searching.

Especially for your video descriptions, it can be helpful to use a keyword planning tool to do some research on what keywords are performing well for SEO in your industry. Keyword Planner from Google AdWords is a good place to start. The more you start to learn about what keywords people are searching for, the more you can craft your YouTube presence around them and understand what consumers are looking for online.

In your video description, always include links to your website and social media accounts. You ultimately want your YouTube traffic to bring people to your site and your showroom, so make sure they know all the places they can find you online. Adding these links takes little effort, and can only help you gain more followers on your channels, which could mean more customers in the long run.

Create video playlists

When you have enough YouTube videos to do so, organizing them into playlists can help your audience find what they’re looking for. Do you have market coverage, product spotlights and how-to’s on your channel? Creating playlists for each of these video types makes your page easy to navigate and offers another chance to incorporate some searchable keywords into headlines and descriptions.

Encourage viewers to like and subscribe

At the end of videos, don’t be afraid to take a few seconds to ask your viewers to like the video if they enjoyed it and subscribe to your channel for more great content. YouTube rewards channels that viewers enjoy, and subscription numbers and likes are two of the biggest metrics for this.

It may feel desperate or silly to have this call to action at the end of every single video, but it’s common practice these days and will pay off.

Post consistently

If possible, try to adhere to a consistent video posting schedule. The more YouTube videos you post, and the more consistently you post them, the more views you’ll get. If you post 10 videos one month and then only one the next month, your viewers might lose interest or forget about your video presence entirely. The internet moves fast, so keep people’s attention by posting often and regularly.

First, you need to create a plan for your videos and be intentional about making them. Try creating a calendar for your video content, scheduling ahead the times that you plan to shoot, edit and post. Keep yourself organized and accountable to that schedule, however works best for you and your team. As for when to post, research from media company Frederator Networks shows that Thursday, Friday and Saturday are generally the best days for traffic. It also recommends the following time windows for posting each day of the week:

-Monday-Wednesday: 2-4 p.m. EST

-Thursday-Friday: 12-3 p.m. EST

-Saturday-Sunday: 9-11 a.m. EST

While it can be hard to stick to posting videos on the exact same days and times each week, especially since your content might revolve around markets or clients, do your best to be steady and consistent. 

Do you have any tips for boosting YouTube traffic? Let us know in the comments!


Photo: Pexels 

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