The Inexhaustible Variety of Design

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Denise McGaha Currey & Company

Interior designer Denise McGaha would have felt right at home in Jay Gatsby’s mansion. The Dallas-based designer’s new collection for Currey & Company takes cues from the Art Deco and fashion worlds that fit into styles from all centuries. But don’t take our word for it. Here, McGaha explains her designs and why they’re bound to be a hit with designers.

Pop of Color

Denise McGaha Currey & Company 9000 0413

“I really felt like this pendant was an important piece to have color on. We fitted it with color initially, but we also had a smoked glass option. In the end, we all decided to go with the color.” Shown is #9000-0413.

Updated Brass

Denise McGaha Currey & Company 1000 0054

“I think the Polished Brass finish and the hammering on the discs on the frame reference the versatility of the collection. We’re seeing a lot of gold finishes, but not as that Polished Brass from the ‘90s. I thought that if we hammered it, it would soften it just a bit, not make it quite so smooth and sleek. I wanted something that worked across design styles.” Shown is #1000-0054.

Trying Something New

Denise McGaha Currey & Company 9000 0411 9000 0412

“Something Currey hasn’t traditionally done is multiple finishes on a piece when they first launch it. They launch the product, then they see how it performs, and if it’s great, they come back and add an additional finish or a different size. What we’ve done instead in this scenario is we’re launching with both a silver and a gold finish, and I’m really excited to see how designers use them.” Shown are #9000-0411 and #9000-0412.


Denise McGaha Currey & Company 6000 0385

“This lamp is really the genesis of the collection. It’s where we started. I put black shades on all my white lamps. I felt like I wanted some contrast and drama there. Obviously, shades are up to a designer. You can instantly change them out, but I felt that it was nice and dramatic.” Shown is #6000-0385.


Denise McGaha
Denise McGaha

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