Kravet Introduces Second Kate Spade New York Home Fabric Collection

The new Kate Spade NY collection for Kravet is called Amusements and features a wide range of designs and color palettes that span bold to neutral tones. 

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Kate Spade New York for Kravet
Kravet introduces Amusements, a new Kate Spade New York home fabric collection

Kravet has introduced its second collection with global life-and-style brand Kate Spade New York. The new collection is called Amusements and features a mix of signature bold prints and woven geometrics, layered with boucle and velvet textures, as well as drapery.

“My goal is to create an eclectic mix of pieces that integrate seamlessly into a woman’s life,” says Nicola Glass, Creative Director of Kate Spade New York. “I see her finding that perfect piece, that exact thing she was looking for in that exact moment, and falling in love with it. Whether it’s a handbag, a dress or a fabric for her home, I want it to feel effortless, easy and true to her.”

The color palette in the Amusements collection ranges from bolder hues like navy and black to softer tones including aqua and blush, and is grounded in classic neutrals like linen, camel and ivory.

Kate Spade NY fabric for Kravet
Color palettes in the Kate Spade NY Amusements collection range from neutral to bold.

Patterns in the brand include Freefall, a softened abstract take on an animal print, featuring drifting feathers, and FloralHaze, a soft ikat-like technique that depicts a diffused allover floral pattern. Diamondedge is a geometric pattern in a kaleidoscope arrangement of boxes that form a modern graphic woven on a clean cotton ground, and Square Cut is an upholstery velvet that’s wavy line work designed to bring movement and originality to a classic design.

Highlighting a range of textures, Amusements offers several striped patterns as well. Luxour Chenille is a decorative embroidery pattern featuring multiple rows of stitched chenille, forming a wavy plaid. There’s also Median, a linen sheer featuring a grosgrain dotted ribbon stitched throughout, which creates a simple stripe with an added graphic element. The variated stripe in Linework introduces has a metallic accent within the fabric ground and can be applied vertically as well as up the roll for a landscaped preference.

In addition, Amusements incorporates a bit of history in the collection. Adapted from a French document in the Kravet archive, Birdsong features a birdcage motif, illustrated in a loose painterly style with a chintz finish.

“There’s a sense of discovery in everything we do,” Nicola Glass continues. “Details are very important to me. Our products are intended to be experienced close-up; not everything is visible at first glance.”

 Existing patterns are brought to the forefront with updated color stories for today’s interiors. Mazzy Dot, a speckled cut velvet, complements the bolder patterns in the collection and is now offered in soft aqua and parchment hues. Maxime Blush also returns in a fresh pastel color and features an appliqued tape sewn onto linen, creating a dimensional decorative fret.

Suitable for today’s transitional and contemporary home, this collection is designed to be used anywhere from the living room to the bedroom. “We are a fashion brand and I see our home and fabric categories as true fashion accessories for the home,” says Glass.

Kate Spade NY for Kravet



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