Last Look with Ann Gish

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Bed with blue bedspread designed by Ann Gish
Follow the numbers below to see Ann Gish's design process.

“Practical elegance” describes designer Ann Gish to a tee. Known for her detail and construction, Gish creates contemporary silk bedding, decorative pillows and tabletops that fit nearly any style. Here she deconstructs her own design to show us how to make the bed.

1. Describe the “anatomy” of this bed. 

It’s strong and muscular without being too buff. The solid is very textural and color-rich. The Nature pattern incorporates lots of color tones and texture — it’s printed and then over-embroidered. The two decorative pillows add texture in the knit and the necessary bling in the crystal buttons. Details like the tiny flanges in the euro and the sheeting are also important.

2. How do you decide what type of headboard works best for a bed? 

I decide on the headboard and the bed when I look at the room, the style of the home and the homeowner. Modern rooms tend to work well with low-slung horizontal beds and headboards (although the exception that proves the rule are very tall and slender pieces). Traditional and transitional rooms do well with a traditionally sized piece. Opulent spaces like opulent headboards and beds!

3. Why is it important to mix colors, patterns and textures in bedding?

It’s not that it’s important, it’s that it can be more pleasing. It’s a great way to satisfy many parts of your personality. Some people have lots of different parts, and some are mainly one way. For the single-minded, a bed of all one beautiful texture and color can look fabulous if you pay attention to the scale of the elements all together. There is a style for everyone — it’s fun to figure it out.


Ann Gish sitting in a chair
Ann Gish


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