Last Look: Circle Design Studio

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Last look

1. Our client for this space was a bachelor with a 6-year-old son. He is also a doctor who works long hours and is a world traveler. We wanted to create a calming retreat for a master bedroom that was modern and masculine, yet still warm and inviting. As the interior designer, architect and contractor for this project, we were able to see our vision and his through in this space that pairs modern elements with warmth.

2. The headboard and bed was something I designed with a local Roanoke furniture company called TXTUR. I did all the initial 3D schematic drawings and they did the engineering and submitted final shop drawings for my approval, says Theresa. It was really fun to be able to visit the factory to see the bed and headboard being made at various key points in production, like the day all the plywood was routered for the sconce and switch openings. The artwork added the right graphic pop the room needed.

3. I believe the best interior spaces come from the perfect balance of opposites. Warm rustic textures stand out against smooth sleek surfaces. Adding natural elements such as the wooden soffit help to warm and soften the space. Multiple layers of lighting, (the tray ceiling, can lights, sconces and chandelier are all on dimmers so the client can set the perfect mood). Textures in the woven leather bench and nightstands help to add interest and depth.

last look
Theresa and John Dorlini are the Interior Designer/Architect, husband and wife team behind Circle Design Studio, based in Roanoke, VA. The couple has created a multi-disciplinary firm, thinking through every aspect of a project.
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