Last Look With Elizabeth O’Neal

A master suite in North Raleigh, NC, is designed to serve as a serene retreat from the everyday. 

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last look
Photo by Dustin Peck Photography

Nestled inside an 8,200-square-foot Triangle Parade of Homes award-winning house in North Raleigh, NC, this master suite was designed to accommodate a pair of business owners and parents of three children. Elizabeth O’Neal of Southern Studio Interior Design was the lead designer on the project.

1. The master suite was primarily designed as a retreat for the homeowners. Like most parents, their biggest priority was establishing a space that exemplified serenity to help balance the chaotic demands of the everyday. With easy-going personalities, we also drew inspiration from our homeowners’ disposition to create a space they could truly relax in. We approached this design by establishing a soft color palette and curating key furnishings. These furnishings had to align with the elegance of the home but still offer an approachable comfort. Subtle geometric patterns and layered textures also add to the laid back sophistication of this bedroom suite. Creating balance within our design was also a driving factor to ensure a sense of calmness. For example, the unexpectedly playful detail on the nightstands is balanced by elegant crystal lamps. 

2. We established the soothing color palette of this bedroom by pulling from the gray and white tones in the master bathroom, and then enveloped the room in a soft blue to bring in subtle color. With windows surrounding the room, we wanted to ensure our color palette wasn’t distracting to the natural aesthetic. Light window treatments with motorized shades soften the views and allow plenty of natural light. 

3. The lounge area at the end of the room has become a treasured spot. With a vaulted tongue and groove ceiling this space has an open and airy vibe that enhances the overall calmness of the room. The clover shaped ottoman is one of my personal favorite pieces in the room. To me, it fully captures the playful personality of this family but is beautifully functional amongst its impressive surroundings. 


Elizabeth O’Neal
Elizabeth O’Neal 

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