Last Look With Nina Grauer

In Ocean Ridge, FL, Designer Nina Grauer of DeKay & Tate wanted to create a functional space that helped show off her client’s personality.

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Nina Grauer

In Ocean Ridge, FL, Designer Nina Grauer of DeKay & Tate wanted to create a functional space that helped show off her client’s personality. The final living room fits the bill.

1. We wanted to create a space that really captured the client’s personality. She is someone who is very expressive, vibrant, creative and loves everything that reflects that Mid-Century, groovy tone. That is the best kind of client, isn’t it? Being able to creatively express yourself through interior design, being comfortable with taking risks and mixing color, texture and shape is profoundly important at DeKay & Tate. We are not always “conventional,” but what artist is? Interior design is our art form. 

2. It’s easy to forget the impact that the ceiling can have on a space. Since the walls are one of the only totally neutral elements in this room, we thought it would be perfectly unexpected to make the ceiling another focal point. We sourced this wallpaper from Eskayel and love the kaleidoscope-like pattern that draws your eye to the ceiling. The colors are muted, which also helps keep the overall design from becoming too overwhelming.  

3. Because our client trusted our design direction, we were able to have a lot of fun mixing and matching an array of colors and patterns that we felt reflected her vibrant personality and lifestyle. We didn’t hold back with color or pattern in this space — from the teal blue pendant light and curtains to the pink sofa; custom ottoman filled with purples, greens and reds; and the throw pillows that showcase hints of lime green, coral and powder blue, it’s hard not to find color and pattern in this maximalist living room. The pink rug, colorful books on the bookshelf and light blue accent chairs also implement a fun mix of colors. We’re also big fans of animal print, so we were very excited to incorporate a cheetah print accent chair with a green tiger print throw pillow in the corner of the room. On paper, these elements might seem like an overwhelming mess, but when brought to life, they totally work!

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