Last Look with Stonewood LLC's Sven Gustafson

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Follow the numbers below to see how Sven Gustafson conceptualized this kitchen design.
Follow the numbers below to see how Sven Gustafson conceptualized this kitchen design.

Minnesota high-end custom homebuilder Stonewood LLC incorporates smart technology into the majority of the 10 to 12 houses it builds each year. Here, peek inside one of the company’s latest projects, making life easier for retired clients at their Lake Minnetonka abode. 

1. This home was designed for an older couple and was based on a traditional feel with incorporated pops of color and patterns. Smart technology was brought in for easy living. The main control system, Savant, can be operated from an iPhone or 
iPad and controls all of the lighting, blinds in the dining room and living room, 
and music that plays in overhead speakers.

2. Separate smart systems include a floor vacuum and a hand-held vacuum that rest in a box on the kitchen counter for easy clean up. A coffee maker from Miele is programmable to remember the homeowners’ coffee selection.

3. Studio M Interiors worked with the clients to incorporate Native American culture into the design of the kitchen. The backsplash is crackled glass, representing some of the artistic things the homeowner does with beadwork. Complementary colors and accessories were selected to represent the couple’s personalities.

Sven GustafsonFounder and CEO of Stonewood LLC, Sven Gustafson grew up the son of a home builder, learning the aspects of fine home building from the bottom up. He has been recognized as 40 under 40 by Mpls. St. Paul Business Journal as well as Professional Builder Magazine. He also has developed and markets industry leading construction project management software used worldwide by builders, remodelers and commercial contractors. In his free time, Sven enjoys skiing, boating, and spending time with his wife and three kids.

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