Lighting & Decor's Obligatory Royal Wedding Article

Everyone else is doing it! Not ones to be left out of a trend, the Lighting & Decor editors put together a registry for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Alison Martin and Nicole Davis
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Woman in England selling royal wedding merchandise
Photo: Bryan Ledgard viz Flickr

At Lighting & Decor, we editors — Editor-in-Chief Nicole Davis and I — are happy to stay in our home design industry bubble. Sure, we don't get to go to South Korea to cover the Olympics, and we're not breaking news like The Washington Post, The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal, but we like our roles in the news cycle, and we're proud to cover our industry.

But oh my gosh, it is impossible to escape coverage of the royal wedding no matter what industry you cover, and it's gone far beyond rational news of the royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Today Retail Drive published a news story about royal wedding swimsuits, and the comments sections on news articles shared on social media are straight-up toxic.

We get it. You don't care about the royal wedding. You don't have to. But hey, the world needs a little more love in it and none of this affects us in the U.S. anyway, so make like Queen Elsa and let it go.

So Nicole and I decided to jump on the royal wedding carriage, as it were, and do our own royal wedding article — because why not, it's Friday and this is fun. If we were invited to the royal wedding — and had a ton of cash to drop — here's what we'd give the royal couple.

To Harry and Megan; From Nicole

Ferrero crystal chandelier fro EurofaseFerrero Chandelier — Eurofase

Eurofase’s Ferrero chandelier is fit for a prince and princess’ abode. This 48-light four-tier model is traditional but has a modern touch, perfect for this new royal couple.

The collection is available in clear, smoked and cognac glass as well as bigger sizes if need be. 







Chatterly tete-a-tete — Jessica Charles

Chatterly Tete-a-tete in a crushed velvet from Jessica Charles

Perfectly postured: Jessica Charles’ Chatterly tete-a-tete is swathed in “Dynamic Pewter,” a crushed silver velvet, and sits buttoned up with a channel tufted interior. This would look right at home in Meghan Markle’s sure-to-be-glamorous dressing room or closet.

Best Wishes, Meghan and Harry; From Alison

Palo Slipper Chair — Maggie Cruz Design

Paolo pink slipper chair with a gold base from Maggie Cruz Design

For the rest of her life, Meghan Markle will be bouncing from palace to castle, staying at Windsor, Kensington, Buckingham Palaces and maybe even Holyrood up in Edinborough (technically still the royal residence for Queen Elizabeth II despite it being well over 400 years old). In her favorite nook in her favorite palace, the Paolo slipper chair from Maggie Cruz Design will make it feel more at home. The blush pink, soft velvet upholstery and geometric, brass lines will breathe a little Art Deco into the space and give Meghan a comfortable reading chair (so long as she's not reading headlines about herself — no chair is comfortable enough for that).

Nespresso Expert with K-cups on white backgroundNespresso Expert Espresso Machine

The royal couple probably doesn't make their own coffee, but the Nespresso Expert espresso machine can make an Americano or espresso in 30 seconds. If anyone is going to need an Americano fast, it's probably them. This machine can make four different types of coffee, and it has three temperature settings.

And with the Bluetooth connectivity, both Harry and Meghan can create presets for their preferred types of coffee.







Congrats, Harry and Meghan!

Photo: Bryan Ledgard viz Flickr

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