Lighting the Way: Episode 20 - Lessons Learned from the Showroom of the Year Finalists

In this episode, we speak with Showroom of the Year Judge James Fleming about the 15 exceptional finalists.

Lighting the Way

In Episode 20 of Lighting the Way, Managing Editor Amy McIntosh spoke with James Fleming, CEO of Camelot Group and a judge of the 12th annual Showroom of the Year Awards. Fleming broke down some of the best practices and successes he saw from the 15 exceptional showrooms chosen as this year’s Showroom of the Year finalists. From innovative procedures implemented during the pandemic, to creative merchandising and community involvement, these techniques have boosted these showrooms to the top of the ranks. Fleming explained what other showrooms can learn from these finalists, and outlined why lighting showrooms should attend markets like Lightovation, as well as how to best maximize their time there. 

This episode is sponsored by Dallas Market Center.


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