Lumileds Boosts LUXEON 2835 Color Line Performance

Eleven colors deliver state-of-the-art flux and efficiency for emergency vehicle lighting, color tunable lamps and other color mixing applications.

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Today, Lumileds introduced a boost in luminous flux to its LUXEON 2835 Color Line of LEDs. Featuring eleven colors and three white CCTs, the LUXEON 2835 Color Line now delivers a 25 percent brighter red-orange and 6 percent brighter Red, which are especially key to the performance of emergency vehicle lights and color tunable lamps.

“Emergency vehicle lamps typically combine red-orange, blue, PC amber and white. The dramatic increase in flux of red-orange will boost the performance of these designs. Additionally lamp and fixture designers now have even higher performing and cost effective options,” said LP Liew, Product Marketing Manager at Lumileds. 

Like the high power LUXEON C, CZ and Z Color lines, the LUXEON 2835 colors range from far red to royal blue and includes PC lime, mint and amber colors to achieve the greatest number of color points in LED lighting. Flux of the red-orange LUXEON 2835 LED is 25 lm when driven at 120 mA and reaches 38 lm at 200 mA, the highest in the industry. Color mixing in lamps, emergency vehicle and architectural fixtures benefit from the widest color selection.

Lumileds Color LED portfolio features equal focal length on every LED, which eases integration with secondary optics. To further speed the design and manufacturing of new lamps, the LUXEON 2835 Color Line features identical polarity on every color, which simplifies PCB design. 

For more information on the LUXEON 2835 Color Line, visit

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