NCFI Creates Pillow Featuring CBD-infused Fabrics

The BioLux CBD pillow is designed to deliver a calming, restorative sleep.

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NCFI BioLux CBD pillow

Leading foam and boxed bed manufacturer NCFI is joining the cannabis revolution by introducing a new pillow featuring a fabric infused with oil from the hemp plant. CBD is widely recognized as being effective in helping to enhance relaxation and sleep.

The BioLux CBD Pillow, priced to retail at $89.99, is molded memory foam with a medium firmness. Covered in a 420 gram circular knit fabric with CBD oil, the pillow is designed to deliver a calming, more restorative sleep. The CBD oil, extracted from cannabis and hemp, is shown to promote relaxation, manage anxiety and pain. The CBD oil used in the pillow is certified to be THC free.

“CBD has such high consumer engagement right now regarding its known benefits, and the conversation continues to get louder. For us, it’s a no brainer for us to be part of that conversation about sleep, rest and recovery,” said Chris Bradley, Executive Vice President of NCFI’s consumer products division. “Designed to deliver a peaceful night’s sleep by helping eliminate stress, one of the leading contributors to insomnia, the addition of CBD to the BioLux Pillow offers an extra aid in restorative sleep.”

The BioLux CBD Pillow packaging is both retail and e-commerce ready.

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