Put Your Feet Up! A Tale of Two Poufs

Retailers reveal there’s more than one way to style their favorite foot-level accessory.

Jennifer Pinto
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Photo credit: Megan Stokes: Holy City Chic Blog in collaboration with Candelabra

Whether their clientele is into California cool or Arts & Crafts, home furnishings folks across the country agree that it’s hard to pass up a great jute accessory. 

“All-natural décor—area rugs, poufs, furniture, and accessories made from materials like jute, sisal, and cotton—has a soothing, earthy quality that helps ground even the loftiest, most ethereal, and most-over-the-top colorful spaces,” writes designer Annie Selke in a recent post on her blog Fresh America Style.  

Read on to learn what two retailers chose as their favorite jute pouf and how they style it in their showroom. 

Jaipur Saba poof Whitney Moore, owner of Candelabra 

 Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

 My favorite jute pouf: Saba from Jaipur Rugs.

 Why we love it: This pouf is a favorite because of its natural jute texture and easy style. Local Charleston blogger Megan Stokes fell in love with it and features it in photos of her home all the time, giving our customers endless inspiration on how to style the piece!  
 How we rock it: The Saba pouf looks great just about anywhere. We pop it near a chair as a footrest, under a coffee table to pull out for extra seating or anywhere that needs a bit of interest and a touch of texture.

Photo credit: Megan Stokes: Holy City Chic Blog in collaboration with Candelabra

Surya Jute poofCatherine McClements, interior designer at Tuvalu

Laguna Beach, California

My favorite pouf: Jute Woven Pouf from Surya

Why we love it: Our customers love this pouf because it adds a touch of natural texture to any space, and we agree. Its presence contributes another layer of fun as well as function. This pouf feels at home in almost any environment.

How we rock it: We love adding a pair of these poufs next to a large coffee table in a living room or even tucked away under an open sideboard. 


Have a favorite jute poof? We want to know. Tell us about your favorite jute poof in the comments!

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