Registration Opens for the LivABLE Environment Conference

The virtual LivABLE Environment Conference, which tackles the importance of interior design on health, runs from April 28-30.

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LIVable Environment Conference, Mike Peterson, Randall Whitehead
Earn CEU credits and learn about neuroaesthetics at the LivABLE Environment Conference

The LivABLE Environment Conference, which takes place virtually from April 28-30, 2021, explores the science behind the built environment, the arts and design. Scientists now know and prove that the relationship we have with our home environment leads to improved health, and that the arts, design and beauty are more than just historical imperatives: They provide documentable cardio and biological benefits.

Neuroscientists describe the evolutionary imperative this way: “Aesthetic experiences are hard-wired in all of us. They are evolutionary imperatives…encoded in our DNA…essential part of our humanity…fundamental to our health and well being," says Susan Magsamen, Executive Director of the International Arts + Mind Lab, located in the Pedersen Brain Science Institute of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The LivABLE Environment Conference is a three-day virtual B2B trade event. Focused on the residential sector,  the conference provides education on ageless living, accessibility and wellness to support developers, architects, designers, builders and renovators that  interested in solutions that meet the needs of all building users.

Magsamen will be one of many featured speakers at the LivABLE Environment Conference next month. The convergence of science, design and the arts is now impacting  the disciplines of architecture and interior design. Because of science and technology, and the growth of neuroaesthetics, we now know that good design lowers heart rates and blood pressure; and that aesthetics, provided by good design, heal. While the last 20 years have produced breakthrough results, the subject is particularly timely during this period of COVID-19. The home as a sanctuary and healer has never been more important.

Magsamen, along with Suchi Reddy, will speak on the study they did at Milan Design Week where, using “wearable” technology they measured the cardio and biological response to room environments. It’s just one first step in providing designers with a roadmap to design using wearables.

Don Ruggles, author of Beauty, Neuroscience and Architecture, will lecture on the growing awareness of the need for beauty and design in our lives. Ruggles will also premier his new film documentary, “Built Beautiful.” The film highlights the work and studies, with interviews, of Renee Fleming, a leader in promoting the health benefits of the arts, Dr. Anjan Chatterjee, neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania, Colin Ellard, Professor of Neuroaesthetics at the University of Waterloo, and numerous scientists and academics committed to sharing knowledge on the convergence of science and design. The film is narrated by Martha Stewart.

A global list of more than 25 speakers round out the three-day event. Additional speakers include Kelli Ellis, Mike Peterson and Randall Whitehead

The Executive Director of the conference is Linda Kafka, a Toronto based leader in the study and development of livable environments. DDA, NKBA,BILD, CHBA, CLIP.

You can register for the LivABLE Environment Conference here

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