SFC Tackles CO2 Emissions in Next Sustainability Essentials Webinar

The free webinar on Thursday, July 16 at 12 p.m. ET is sponsored by SFC member organization CO2logic. 

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CO2logic Arnaud Brohe
CO2logic CEO Arnaud Brohe and Senior Project Manager Bill Russell are the SFC’s featured speakers for an industry webinar about the impact of CO2 emissions on health.

The Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) announces the next topic for its monthly Sustainability Essentials webinar series: CO2 Emissions and Your Health. The webinar set for Thursday, July 16 at 12 p.m. ET is sponsored by SFC member organization CO2logic. 

CO2logic works on projects around the world to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Its CEO Arnaud Brohe and Senior Project Manager Bill Russell are the webinar’s featured speakers. The free, online webinar will be moderated by SFC Executive Director Susan Inglis.

In May, CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere were the highest recorded in human history, as reported in a recent Washington Post article.

Related scientific research illustrates how unmitigated CO2 emissions pose immediate and long-term global health concerns. These far-reaching effects result from the role excessive CO2 plays on global warming trends, rising sea levels, wildlife habitat destruction and air quality.

According to the Climate Reality Project website, “Many of the same greenhouse gas emissions driving the climate crisis contribute to respiratory illness, which is also one of the main underlying conditions correlating to the worst outcomes in patients with COVID-19.”

The CO2logic team will share their expertise regarding what can and should be done to manage CO2 proliferation using already available tools. 

Webinar participants will be presented with the business case for how investments made to control CO2 emissions today yield high returns for companies and entities in the future.

“Being part of the solution begins with knowing how your organization may be contributing to the CO2 emissions problem,” says Inglis. “The SFC is here to encourage our industry to dig into the tools that will help ensure a better future for business, as well as for the planet.”

The webinar is open to all industry professionals, including product manufacturers, retailers, transportation and logistics companies. Attendees may register at www.sustainablefurnishings.org for the free event.

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