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Pinterest pin of a dining room
Photo: Pinterest

The Anatomy of an Optimized Pinterest Pin

Last year, Pinterest reported that 60 percent of pinners say the platform has influenced their home decor purchase decisions. To capture their attention and convert pins to sales, it’s important to…
Three-season porch with plants, one chair and a lamp overhead
What are you pinning to your Pinterest boards? This one is on LIghtology's Junalo theme board.

How to Win at Pinterest

A picture is worth a thousand words, or if you’re Pinterest, better make that two million. The social media platform's app recently broke the 200 millionth user mark. And for those of us who have…
A good social media manager is an investment in your business. Learn what to look for when hiring one. (Photo: Mike MacKenzie via Flickr)

What to Look for in a Social Media Manager

When social media marketing first became popular, many businesses passed their social media accounts to the youngest person on their staff or in their families and said, "Here, you know how to do…
Reach your audience with Pinterest advertising (Photo: Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta via Flickr).

How to Advertise on Pinterest

At nearly every market this year, four social media platforms keep cropping up in conversations between retailers and interior designers: Facebook, Instagram, Houzz and Pinterest. We already know how…