Kenneth Cobonpue

Rain and wet umbrella
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4 Dry Places to Wait out the Inevitable High Point Market Rain Shower

It never fails. Every High Point Market, it will rain at least one day. Some markets, the rain falls endlessly. For those High Point seasoned pros, the umbrella is the most important accessory anyone…

Rattan To Me

There was a time when we loathed all things from the 70s. To be fair, the decade had its share of style busts. Raise your hand if images of shag carpet (in the bathroom), inflatable furniture and the…
Kenneth Cobonpue High Point Market
Kenneth Cobonpue

Island Design

As a child in Cebu, Philippines, designer Kenneth Cobonpue created his own toys in his mother’s furniture workshop. Now as a designer, Cobonpue combines the natural resources and craftsmanship of his…