The Top 10 Home Decor Trends to Look for in 2019, According to Pinterest

Pinterest rounded up the top 10 home decor trends for this year based on popular searches on the platform. Here's what you need to know.

Katie Caron
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Unsplash succulents on coffee table
(Photo: Unsplash user DESIGNECOLOGIST)

At the end of 2018, Pinterest released its Pinterest 100 for this year, highlighting the top trends to expect in categories ranging from travel to fashion to wellness. The trends, based on popular searches on the social media platform, offer insight into what consumers are looking for this year. With a new year ahead of you and winter market season in full swing, here are the top picks for the home category and what you need to know about them.

1. Painted floor tiles



Homeowners are adding style to their spaces by painting their floor tiles with bold colors and mosaic patterns. This in line with a prediction from Coastal Living’s editors last fall that artisanal tiles would be a trend to watch. Searches for “painted floor tiles” were up 1276 percent.

2. Textile art


Textiles aren’t just for pillows or furnishings — people are opting for wall art crafted of textiles for a textured aesthetic. Searches for “textile art” were up 1718 percent

3. Contemporary fireplaces


Sleek, modern fireplaces are on the rise in just about every part of the home from the living room to the bathroom to the patio. Searches for “contemporary fireplace” were up 763 percent.

4. Tin interiors


From ceilings to backsplashes, tin is growing in popularity for interiors. The vintage look of tin on a wall fits well in both modern and traditional spaces. This trend makes sense given the popularity of “statement ceilings” in Pinterest’s 2018 predictions report. Searches for “tin interiors” were up 563 percent

5. Bold print wallpaper


Framed art is no longer the only way to bring style to the walls of a space. People looking to liven up their homes are turning to wallpaper with bold florals and patterns. The trend is so popular with young consumers especially that just last year, Hearst Magazines (publisher of Cosmopolitan magazine) announced a licensing agreement with Tempaper to create four removable wallpaper designs. Searches for “bold print wallpaper” were up 401 percent.

6. Vertical gardens


Last year saw a slew of trend pieces — like this one from the Washington Post — on Millennials and their love of plants. A Refinery29 piece declared that plant ladies are the new cat ladies. Plants have been in vogue for a while and show no sign of slowing down. Searches for “vertical gardens” were up 287 percent

7. Cactus arrangements


It’s hard to go out to a trendy restaurant or scroll through your Instagram feed these days without seeing a succulent, or five. Given the popularity of plants of all kinds and arrangements in interiors and the staying power of Southwest design styles, it’s no surprise that succulents made the list. Consider adding some succulents to your store near the check-out area for shoppers looking to liven up their space. Searches for “cactus arrangements” were up 235 percent

8. Natural swimming pools


Consumers are increasingly interested in swimming pools that don’t require chlorine or any chemicals. Searches for “natural swimming pools” were up 262 percent

9. Geometric paint


It would be fair to say that geometric shapes and patterns have been in style for some time now, maybe to the point of being less a trend than a mainstream look. Pinterest predicts the geometric aesthetic will make its way to walls, with searches for “geometric paint” up 225 percent.

10. Mustard yellow


Mustard yellow was hard to miss at last year’s fall High Point Market, giving a golden glow to everything from sofas to accent pillows. The 70s trend is still going strong — in fact, when Sherwin-Williams announced its 2019 color of the year Cavern Clay, Director of Color Marketing Sue Wadden said the company believes this year will be a renaissance of the 70s “with a twist.” Searches for “mustard yellow” were up 45 percent.


Photo: Unsplash user DESIGNECOLOGIST

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