Accent Furniture

Striking and bold, accent furniture turns any room into a conversation starter. This section looks ahead to the trends on the horizon and covers what we're loving right now.

Aston drink table with a green fauz shagreen top and light wood base from Fine Furniture Design
Fine Furniture Design Aston Drink Table

Aston Drink Table

Named for the top-of-the-line car, the Aston drink table from Fine Furniture Design's Esquire Collection pays homage to its namesake with its green top — a nod to the classic British racecar design. 

Not Your Mother’s Marble

Marble has been around since the beginning of time, and thanks to its durability, timeless beauty and unique veining, it’s been a popular choice for home furnishings for nearly as long. Architects…

Trending: Moody Blues

Ultra Violet is the color the year and pink the latest to inspire a catchy pop song, but few hues have such universal appeal as blue. Maybe we love it because it’s the color of the sea and sky. Maybe…

Trending at Summer 2018 Las Vegas Market

Menswear Detailing  This is a look we’ve been tracking since April’s High Point and are continuing to see at the summer markets. Alder & Tweed, who is collaborating with designer and TV…

Our Editor's #ViewOnVegas Picks

Suede chandeliers from CDI Furniture   Davis says: "Lighting as decoration is something I love, love, love, and these make such a design statement! New this year for CDI, they're handmade in India…
Fingerprint Two Stripes Arm Chair with an open back and curvy, brown legs from Bunakara
Bunakara Fingerprint Two Stripes Armchair

Fingerprint Two Stripes Armchair

Crafted of acacia wood in a matte finish with a supportive upholstered seat, the back of the Fingerprint Two Stripes armchair is covered in Bunakara’s unique striped Fingerprint fabric. Available…

Stiletto Double Bench

Great legs! The focal point of the Stiletto double bench from Alden Parkes are the solid cast brass stiletto legs. The upholstered seat is covered in a Euro linen fabric supported by a hardwood trim…
Shagreen Round Table with one drawer and an open bottom from Four Hands
Four Hands Shagreen Round Table

Shagreen Round Table

Mid-Century shaping takes on modern intrigue in the faux Shagreen Round Nightstand from Four Hands. The rounded shape fits nicely beside a bed or tucked into a corner. Measures 26 inches high.
Progressive Ring Bench with gold legs and a navy blue upholstery from Global Views
Global Views Progressive Ring Bench

Progressive Ring Bench

Global Views' Progressive Ring bench is slim and long — perfect for entryways or at the end of the bed. The stainless steel base is finished in brass. The Admiral Blue mohair seat is hand-upholstered.
Malena Acrylic Armchair in diamond-printed blue velvet from Safavieh
Safavieh Malena Acrylic Armchair

Malena Acrylic Armchair

Designed to offer a moment of elegant respite in the cosmopolitan interior, the Malena acrylic armchair from Safavieh brings a little luxury and style. Its refined contemporary translucent frame…