Bulbs and Lamps

Light bulbs and lamps now come in different styles, colors and capabilities. As technology evolves, this section will keep you up to date on the latest from dimmers to LEDs.

smart lighting
Light layering is important for good lighting design, says Lightstyles’ Melvyn Kahn. In this project from his lighting design team, smart lighting controls help manage each light layer for a cohesive look that can be easily adjusted.

Understanding the Smart Home Spectrum

At one time, smart home systems were only found in ultra-high-end luxury design projects. Their complexity and high price tags made them unattainable for the average homeowner. Times have since…

West End Lamp

The West End lamp from Pacific Coast Lighting’s kathy ireland Home collection features a gold leaf finish with a crystal base and twin pull chains. The lamp measures 30 inches high. 
Bobby Berk at Lowe's
Bobby Berk mingles with guests after his talk at an event put on by Lowe's and GE Lighting. (Photo: Jim Vondruska)

4 Lighting Design Tips From Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk

At a Lowe’s in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood on a Wednesday night this spring, around 50 interior design bloggers and influencers gathered for light bites and insight on lighting design from…
Three RELAMP printed LED bulbs in purple, multi-color and blue
Photo: Jess Schaack

Design Q&A: Relamp, The Printed Light Bulb

Over the last few years, the Edison bulb trend dominated at Lightovation and market centers across the country. So many companies from Hinkley to Stylecraft to Mitzi created fixtures designed to…
Good lighting design moves your eye around the room, while offering flattering illumination for the people within the space. The best lighting is subtle — it makes you feel good but you don’t really know why.

Light and Shadow: Great Design Needs Both

TIP 1: Light makes right You can’t understand light without also knowing darkness. It’s like you can’t understand true happiness unless you also experience sadness. The best design comes when there’…
high ceiling lighting solutions in a living room space
Ambient light comes from two locations in this living room: Linear LEDs are mounted on top of the horizontal beams, while additional runs are installed above the cantilever that runs along the perimeter of the room. The oversized pendant fixture makes the room feel cozier, while the table lamps create little islands of illumination. (Photo: Russell Abraham)

How Can I Properly Light a Space With High Ceilings?

Tip 1: Design and conquer Rooms with tall ceilings can be a gift…and sometimes they can be a pain in the butt. How do you make a voluminous room feel inviting? If you install accent lighting —…
Eaton lighting controls
Eaton Z Wave Collection, www.eaton.com/wiringdevices

Thoughts From LEDucation

The Lighting & Decor team was on the road this week, making a stop at LEDucation to check out the latest offerings in the LED lighting arena. While there, I sat in on a session called “Is LED…
The M Lamp is cordless and battery-powered, maximizing portability.
The M Lamp is cordless and battery-powered, maximizing portability.

Designer Q&A: Juniper and David Irwin

Even when innovations make old technology obsolete, the aesthetics and functions still resonate in the products of the future. With this idea in mind, British industrial designer David Irwin…
bright computer screen
Have customers voiced concerns about the risks of blue light emitted from screens and lighting sources? Read on to find out how to respond. (Photo: Jonathan Velasquez)

How to Quell Blue Light Fears

Blue light is everywhere – it’s emitted from our phones, tablets, many types of lighting fixtures and the sun. Despite being so common, some consumers are in the dark when it comes to the facts about…
(Photo: Philips Lighting)

5 Answers to Tough Customer LED Questions

As LEDs grow in popularity, chances are more clients will be asking tough LED questions that interior designers or even home furnishings retailers may not know how to answer.  We asked experts at…
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