Watermark Living Sets Sights on Design Community

The manufacturer is elevating its presence with the trade-only digital platform Steelyard.

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Watermark Living patio set
The eclecticism of indoor decorating is moving out and Watermark Living is targeting the design community with collections that help designers bridge the divide. Here, Watermark Living takes mixed media to the next level with a patterned poly-lumber table top on an aluminum base, combined with synthetic woven and sling chairs. PoliSoul offers the warm hues, heft and texture of vintage teak and can stand up to harsh sun, waves and winds season after season.

Watermark Living is seeking to elevate its presence in the design community on a number of fronts, most recently by partnering with Steelyard, the trade-only digital platform that allows designers to search, evaluate and specify products from the comfort of their desks. Watermark Living’s digital catalog, which provides a broad range of compelling options for client projects, is now live on the Steelyard platform. As such, the company joins a select group of manufacturers who cater to professional interior designers.

“As a new resource for the design community, we see Steelyard as one of the best vehicles to share our story,” says Ashley Newton, Executive Vice President, Watermark Living. “Whether they are working on creating a backyard haven or a major hotel project, designers need to make timely and dependable product decisions and they trust Steelyard to provide access to products from reputable companies. We believe our partnership with the online platform will help us quickly establish Watermark Living as a one-stop shop for fashionable and customizable contract-grade products in a broad range of materials.”

“Our members are always asking us for new, fresh and amazing, and Watermark Living checks all of those boxes,” says Michael D’Imperio, Vice President of Sales at Steelyard. “Steelyard is committed to only partnering with brands that are designer-friendly and we cannot wait for our members to start exploring all the wonderful products that Watermark Living has to offer.”

Along with its new digital strategy, Watermark Living is encouraging designers to visit its High Point Market showroom both year-round and during Market. In High Point, the emphasis will be on an expanded presentation of the company’s popular PoliSoul offerings, a poly lumber with the hues, heft and texture of vintage teak. This season watch for pairings with larger-scale woven pieces that offer high-back comfort, as well as a variety of mix-and-match materials that allow for a more eclectic decorating approach overall.

“Given the popularity of open-plan design and collected looks, consumers today face more decorating conundrums than ever before,” Newton relates. “It just makes sense that more and more are turning to professional designers for assistance. Our goal is to make it easy for designers to help their clients bridge the divide between their indoor and outdoor spaces with furnishings that are specifically designed and tested for outdoor environments." 

“From the standpoint of design, all the products we create work together in multiple settings,” she says. “In fact, any product that makes it into our line has to integrate with others that came before — making them easy to work with and easy to own. At Watermark Living, we’re a bit unusual in that we don’t do standalone collections, as in this is our Mid-Century Modern collection, or this is our Traditional Collection. Ours is a much more eclectic, curated style that is not overly ornate because people don’t walk into stores and buy everything from one collection and plop it in their living room anymore. They pair what they purchase with things they have collected over time and that’s not easy to do with a lot of outdoor lines. That’s exactly what sets Watermark Living apart and why we call it ‘Outdoor Made Easy.’ ”

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