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high point market, loloi showroom
Coronavirus protocols will be followed at spring High Point Market as shown in the Loloi showroom.
Last Look, Clark & Clark Interiors
This room from Clark & Clark Interiors serves multiple purposes.

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Candice Olson, interior design, high point market, ideastreams
Candice Olson is set to headline the spring IdeaStreams for High Point Market.

Candice Olson will talk about her design career in her upcoming High Point IdeaStreams talk. 

The event will now be held Sunday, October 17 at the Sheraton Greensboro Four Seasons. 

Kia Weatherspoon
Kia Weatherspoon

Weatherspoon’s focus on long-term partnerships, funding and strategic planning will provide the sustainability necessary in supporting the network and Black interior designers.

Dallas Market Center, Lightovation, Covid-19
Dallas Market has updated its safety protocol for March markets.

Market capacity will open up to 100 percent and mask mandates will stay in place. 

In this November episode of Lighting the Way, we spoke with Kelly Roberts, Studio Director for WALD Studio, about an organization promoting inclusivity and equity for women in the lighting industry.

lighting for wellness
Using texture and light to create dynamic pattern can mimic natural light. The texture of the green wall is accentuated using lighting, creating dimensionality and dynamic highlights and shadows.

Lighting technologies such as human-centric lighting and biophilic design are boosting occupant wellbeing and productivity.

Barbour Spangle Design
With a multi-faceted design portfolio, Barbour says residential design has helped Barbour Spangle continue to grow during the pandemic.

Christi Barbour and Christi Spangle continue to grow their residential, commercial and showroom design business.


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