Melissa Galt Interior Design Business Success
Melissa Galt shares 7 distractions that could be keeping you from moving your interior design business forward.

7 Deadly Distractions Stopping Your Interior Design Business Growth

Houzz Barometer Home Renovation, Coronavirus
Houzz Barometer Survey Reports Home Renovation Business Returning to Normal

Houzz Barometer: Home Renovation Business Returns to Pre-COVID-19 Levels

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Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay
Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay

Home Furnishings Association, Piper Sandler Release New Quarterly Retail Report

Furniture retailers expect strong sales to continue through third quarter.

ISFD Pinnacle Awards
ISFD has extended the deadline for the 2020 Pinnacle Awards

ISFD Extends Entry Deadline for 2020 Pinnacle Awards

The deadline for entry to the 2020 Pinnacle Awards has been extended to August 9, 2020.

Photo by Casper Nielsen on Unsplash
Photo by Casper Nielsen on Unsplash

Evolving Your Brand During Challenging Times

If there’s a silver lining at all in this strange and challenging time, it might just be that we’ve had the time we need to revisit our brands.

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash
Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

6 Best Practices for Video Conferencing

Since it looks like video meetings will be a regular part of doing business, read on for some tips for making sure your Zoom meetings go smoothly.

Madcap Cottage
This cheerful Catskills, NY, screen porch designed by Madcap Cottage mixes patterns and materials.

How Consumers Are Optimizing Outdoor Spaces in a Time of Coronavirus

The indoor/outdoor connection is more important now than ever before.

Image by gonghuimin468 from Pixabay
Image by gonghuimin468 from Pixabay

June Retail Sales Increase, Recovery Remains Uncertain Amid Coronavirus Resurgence

Furniture and home furnishings stores were up 32.5 percent month-over-month seasonally adjusted, but down 1.9 percent unadjusted year-over-year.

Connected Virtual Webinar Series
This July, we bring Connected webinar series to the home furnishings industry.

Register for July's Connected: Furniture, Lighting & Decor Retail/Designer Panels

Furniture, Lighting & Decor connects with retailers and designers who discuss the challenges and solutions that come with consumer-facing businesses.

ARTful Wednesdays
ARTful Wednesdays presents Rare Resources

ARTful Wednesdays Addresses Diversity with Rare Resources Seminar

Join ART next Wednesday for Rare Resources. 

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Financial Management for Interior Designers

Properly managing your finances can help ensure interior design business longevity.

Houzz Pro
Users can promote video consultations on their Houzz profiles.

Houzz Pro Introduces Video Meetings, AR Room Measurement Feature for 3-D Floor Planner

The new virtual design and consultation features help home remodeling and design professionals move projects forward faster in a socially distant work environment.

Photo by Randall Whitehead 
Updating bulbs can produce a more desirable effect than maybe was possible when you first designed the space.

Lighting Design Changes to Make While Sheltering In Place

Updating bulbs and other lighting technology in a home can lead to dramatic results.

Elizabeth McGann
The Lewis Design Group for Holiday House Hamptons, photo: JJ Jetel. “Showhouses value designers with an active following on Instagram and count on that to help promote the showhouse,” says Elizabeth McGann. Instagram: @thelewisdesigngroup

3 Retailers Share Social Media Success Stories

From asking for help to the importance of authenticity, these retailers share what's working for them on social media.

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash
Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

Tools for Planning Social Media

Scheduling and planning tools can help you take control of your social media.

Home Renovations, Design Activity Remain Stable Year Over Year, Houzz Survey Finds

Design professionals were brought in by nearly one in five renovating homeowners, the survey showed.

A finished room designed with the help of roomLift.

2 Companies Offering Online Design for the Serious Client

How roomLift and The Perfect Room harness the internet to bring quality design to clients around the world.

Panel to Showcase the Benefits of Retailers Giving Back to Their Communities

Join us Wednesday June 17 for this panel presented in collaboration with ART.

2020 ALA Conference Canceled Due to Coronavirus

In lieu of the event, potential virtual meeting options are being reviewed.


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