2018: Year of the Smart Home, Part 2

Smart home products have made their way into just about every room in the home. See how these smart home products are changing how consumers live and thrive in their homes.

Nicole Davis
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Infographic of a home with six sections pulled out

Light + Building's “Smart Living in an E-House” exhibit was a mockup of an intelligent house, equipped throughout with cutting-edge smart products that provide greater comfort, safety and efficiency for the user.

Inspired by this exhibit, we’re bringing you Part 2 of our Year of the Smart Home series. We’ve curated a group of pioneering smart products available stateside for the bathroom, kitchen and living room, illustrating just how smart a house can be today.

Each number on the image has a corresponding description below. Discover how each product is changing the way homeowners interact with their showers, appliances and other smart products.

1. Living Room: Noon Home Smart Switch 

Smart light switches add smart functionality to existing lighting and fixtures, delivering whole room lighting control with one touch at the switch, app and voice activation.

Noon is a universal dimmer, using patented technology to automatically detect bulb type and create compatibility with virtually any residential bulb: dimmable and non-dimmable, incandescent, LED, CFL and fluorescent, as well as ELV (electronic low voltage) and MLV (magnetic low voltage) fixtures. The switches are also beautifully designed with seamless OLED touchscreen control. www.noonhome.com

2. Entry: NuTone Knock Doorbell

NuTone Knock allows homeowners to see and speak to visitors from anywhere in the world in HD resolution on their smartphone or tablet, plus integrated motion activation and night vision allow them to know when someone is there. NuTone Knock is easy to install, thanks to built-in voltage detection and better Wi-Fi signal strength, and is durable enough to withstand dust and water. www.nutone.com

3. Bathroom: Moen’s U by Moen Shower 

The U by Moen™ shower is now voice-activated by Amazon Alexa. This next-generation Wi-Fi/cloud-based digital shower offers mobile connectivity and unmatched personalization, providing homeowners countless ways to create their ideal showering experience with the push of a button ­— and now, the sound of their voice.

The U by Moen shower includes a digital valve that offers precise, thermostatic temperature control, and enables the user to connect up to four shower devices (showerheads, handshowers, body sprays, etc.). The Wi-Fi-connected digital shower controller features a five-inch, non-touch, LCD screen that provides feedback on the shower status through on-screen messaging and notifications. www.moen.com

4. Kitchen: GE Appliances Kitchen Hub

Launching later in 2018, the 27-inch Kitchen Hub is a first of its kind, providing not only exhaust hood ventilation but putting tech right in the middle of things. Smart features include live video chat, access to recipes, calendars and schedules and a cooktop-facing camera and tasking lighting. www.geappliances.com

5. Kitchen: Monogram Gas Cooktop 

This Gas Cooktop features an LED timer, a rarity among the category, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Consumers can monitor the cooktop status directly from their phone or tablet. The Wi-Fi feature also enables owners to set timers from smart devices, while Bluetooth enables a connection between the cooktop and the vent hood. www.appliances.monogram.com

6. Kitchen: American Standard Beale MeasureFill Faucet

The new Beale MeasureFill pull-down kitchen faucet is the first on the market to deliver an adjustable set volume of water on demand, ranging from a half cup to up to five cups. For ease of use, a blue LED light illuminates the dial window and the volume marks when the measuring function is in use. www.americanstandard-us.com


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