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2024 Home Design, Building Forecast – Renovations, Sustainability, Ai-Driven Tech

New house plan construction will continue to surge – exurbs home building accelerating.

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Home design

The Plan Collection has announced its annual home design and building predictions and trend report. Home renovations, sustainability, and AI-driven home technology advances are leading trends in 2024. With 8% mortgage rates and inflated home prices, it's no surprise many homeowners are choosing to stay put and optimize square footage and add onto their existing homes in 2024. Trends include building ADUs aka “guest houses,” innovative backyard pickleball courts and elevated outdoor living spaces.

When renovation isn't an option, many are choosing new house plan construction due to the lack of inventory.  According to MarketWatch, in September, “U.S. new-home sales just ‘defied gravity,’ surging to highest level since February 2022.”

“With this year’s record-breaking heat and accessibility to AI, we’re seeing increased interest in sustainability and advanced technology among homeowners, builders and buyers,” says The Plan Collection’s Home Design Expert Laurel Vernazza.  “Home renovation design, house plans and new home construction inquiries have also been climbing, and we predict it will continue in 2024 as more homeowners are reassessing their existing space or unable to find an existing home to purchase.”

AI Technology

Smart Homes Get Smarter – Alexa, Siri and Google already run millions of homes. In 2024, remote access and the "Internet of Things" (IoT) will evolve into an AI-powered home automation system using tools like ChatGPT to make homes EVEN smarter. Heating and cooling, electricity, security systems, etc., will all have a mind of their own – the new technology will know the home better than the homeowner. The increased automation will also further reduce energy use.


Locally Sourced Materials - Consumers will continue to make more sustainable decisions, from the carbon footprint of their purchases to the materials used in home renovations and construction which is especially influential amongst Millennials and Gen Z. Locally sourced material usage will continue to increase as overseas shipping costs rise. An added benefit is it helps local businesses.

 Induction Cooktops are the wave of the future due to new home-building regulations created to phase out gas stoves for safety and sustainability, reducing the risk of fire and eliminating toxic fumes. Preferred by professional chefs and serious home cooks for years, their sleek, refined design aligns with current aesthetic kitchen styles.

Renovation Trends

Improving Kitchen Efficiency – For homeowners who are opting to stay put and renovate in 2024, kitchen design will be less about excessive island size and more about space optimization and efficiency.

Triangle Design Comeback – While not a new concept, the kitchen triangle design is making a comeback since it maximizes efficiency, comfort and safety. Practical kitchen islands incorporated with the triangle design are optimized for seating and prep work rather than as an oversized visual statement.

Walk-in Pantries get an upgrade with intelligent organization, providing more space and functionality. Designed with floor-to-ceiling storage, the walk-in pantry hides larger appliances, such as a microwave, coffeemaker, or dough mixer, with plenty of room for pots and pans, spices, dry goods, etc.

Undercounter Refrigerators will be the trending large appliance of 2024. Fruits, vegetables, beverages, snacks, etc., stay cool and provide easy access for young kids and guests.

Optimizing Existing Square Footage - For homeowners needing more space and unable to move in 2024, remodeling existing square footage indoors and outdoors is a no-brainer and more cost-effective than adding on to a home.

Rethink Your Basement Like a Star - Celebs posting about their cold plunge pools on Instagram has increased the trend in basement home installations. 2024 will see continued additions along with basement saunas, hot tubs, Zen space and faux fireplaces.

Garage - Bonus Rooms - Often overlooked, the unfinished bonus room over the garage will be transformed into an ensuite bedroom, media center, game room or office in the coming year.

The Backyard Pickleball Court - This new sports sensation will continue to increase in 2024, and homeowners will find a way to install their own pickleball court either in the backyard or more economically on the driveway. The popular sport is accessible to the young and young-at-heart, is easy to learn, and improves personal wellness.

Home Additions

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) – Given the moving restraints, 2024 will see an increase in ADU home additions. Depending on where you live, ADUs are also known as guest houses, garage apartments, granny flats, casitas, backyard bungalows or carriage houses. Designed with a bath and kitchenette, ADUs were traditionally built for additional family and guest housing. Recent zoning approvals allow the space to be used as rentable square footage for Airbnb or tenants. In Jan 2023, The Plan Collection’s year-over-year evaluation revealed a 43% growth of online interest in garages with an apartment.

Going Up With Elevated Outdoor Living – For homeowners looking to expand outdoor living with limited footprint options, architects and designers are going up in 2024 to create new, raised outdoor spaces such as a second-floor deck, balcony, or rooftop lounge.


New Construction

Exurb Migration Accelerates – With low inventory and high home prices in the suburbs, prospective buyers are increasingly considering new home construction in the exurbs.  The WFH office model makes it especially appealing to Millennials and Gen Z families as they can choose newer home styles and larger floor plans while maximizing their budget.

Contemporary Ranch, Considerable Style – Budgets will be top of mind for new home construction in 2024, and so will style. All generations are currently drawn to one-story living for its convenience and flexibility to expand. Unlike older ranch homes, these boast many more windows for views and passive solar energy. Higher and vaulted ceilings and an open floor plan are must-haves, but also an enclosed flex space for use as a guest room or home office.

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