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2024 Lighting Trends: Innovators Predict Sustainable Luminaries

Today’s industry innovators urge us to recognize lighting as something more than a practicality.

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While lighting serves as a necessity across all design categories, from our homes to the workplace to hospitality settings and beyond, today’s industry innovators urge us to recognize it as something more than a practicality. Lighting, in all of its formats, directly impacts our living experiences. With the introduction of new technologies and designs for both architectural and decorative purposes, consumers are increasingly aware of the intricacies that distinguish one lighting solution from another. To get a better pulse on current lighting trends and those to come in the new year, experts at Juniper, Original BTC, and Luxxbox discussed how sustainability will be the leading driver of innovation in 2024. A

See their insights below! Commentary is from Shant Madjarian, Owner and Founder of Juniper, Charlie Bowles, Director at Original BTC, and Jason Bird, Founder and Creative Director of Luxxbox, as it relates to sustainability and other trends on the horizon, such as modularity and soft lighting. 


Sustainable Lighting Innovation

  • “We have come a long way in developing highly efficient LED lighting sources, and now we need to focus on product longevity through serviceable lighting fixtures outside of retrofit LED bulbs and sustainable end-of-life options. In 2024, we’re also going to see more lighting products made of sustainable, biodegradable, recyclable, upcycled, and non-toxic materials.” - Shant Madjarian, Owner and Founder of Juniper

  • “My favorite lighting design trend from 2023 that I hope will continue into 2024 is the increased use of natural materials and reduced reliance on plastics. Additionally, I appreciate the continued popularity of portable rechargeable lights. These trends not only promote sustainability but also offer greater flexibility and convenience in lighting solutions.” - Charlie Bowles, Director, Original BTC

  • “We’re very conscious of sustainable design and we’ve been doing a lot of in-house development about the process of recycling our products. We have a product stewardship policy, so we will always take the materials back at the end of use and pull them apart, and process them in a sustainable way. The PET material that we use is made up of a significant percentage of pre-already recycled material, but it's also 100% recyclable. – Jason Bird, Founder and Creative Director, Luxxbox

Modular and User-Centric Innovation

  • “As we’re already implementing in our own products, I expect to see a rise of modular and user-centric lighting innovation. I particularly hope to see advancements in lighting control technology, especially interoperable lighting control standards that help the adoption of lighting control systems to reduce energy usage dramatically.” - Shant Madjarian, Owner and Founder of Juniper


Earth-Forward Fabrics and Colors

  • “We will continue to see the use of soft, earthy colors to infuse a playful and organic vibe into lighting and living spaces. Muted, nature-inspired hues like sage green, warm beige, and other soft earthy tones. These colors not only complement natural light but also create a harmonious blend with other elements in the room, fostering a serene and inviting atmosphere.” - Charlie Bowles, Director, Original BTC

  • “In the pursuit of sustainability and a closer connection to the environment, we anticipate a continued use of natural fabrics in lighting design. Materials like linen and cotton not only add tactile appeal but also enhance the diffusion of light, casting a soft and soothing glow. The choice of natural fabrics aligns with the broader eco-conscious movement, making it a compelling choice for environmentally-conscious homeowners.” - Charlie Bowles, Director, Original BTC


Soft Lighting

  • As we continue to prioritize wellness and comfort in our homes, lighting that sets a soft, relaxed mood will be key. This involves fixtures designed to create a gentle and calming ambiance. Expect to see more adjustable and dimmable lighting options that allow homeowners to customize the intensity and color temperature of their light sources. - Charlie Bowles, Director, Original BTC

  • “Every acoustic lighting fixture that Luxxbox manufactures is LED and dimmable, and we also offer different types of dimming functionalities. We’re seeing increasingly more projects that incorporate circadian rhythm lighting, which mimics the natural changes in light and color temperature that occur over the course of a day.” – Jason Bird, Founder and Creative Director, Luxxbox

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