3 Must-Know Lighting Trends Seen at Lightovation 2018

Editor-in-Chief Nicole Davis sat down with Legrand's Lighting Showroom Sales Manager Trip Speight and Jeanne Chung, designer and owner of Cozy Stylish Chic, to talk about lighting trends, the summer Lightovation show and the 5th anniversary of Legrand's adorne Collection. Watch the full video below, and check out the panel's top three takeaways from the show. 

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Legrand video screenshot
Watch the full video HERE: https://www.furniturelightingdecor.com/videos?bcvid=5811307793001

3 Must-Know Lighting Trends Seen at Lightovation 2018

1) Customization: From finish to size, being able to customize products for specific projects is key, says Chung. Legrand’s adorne Collection is fully customizable, allowing for a wide variety of different finishes on its plates and switches. Chung has even had her floor finishers stain the wood on the adorne backplate to match the floor of a project.

2) LED Lighting: “Now, pretty much I only spec LED lighting,” says Chung. Especially with Title 24 in California, LED is requisite, and luckily tons of new designs are introduced each market to satisfy different design styles and needs.

3) Smart home technology: “As things become a part of Jeanne’s designs because they look great, on the back side of that the customer is still looking for those technological advances because they’re using their smartphones everyday,” Speight said. Smartphones are the new control hubs of homes, and Legrand’s adorne system utilizes an app to make the whole process easy


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