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5 Kitchen Trends That Earn the Most Likes on Instagram

Research by UK paint brand Dulux unveils the most "liked" kitchens on Instagram. 

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kitchens of instagram

A well-designed kitchen is an instant hit on Instagram. With almost 665,000 posts tagged to the hashtag #KitchensOfInstagram and 14,800 searches for “kitchen design ideas” in the UK every year, it’s fair to say that beautifully designed kitchens are A Thing people are certainly interested in looking at in their down time.

To give Brits some hints and tips for designing their own “Insta-worthy” kitchens, Dulux analyzed the most-liked kitchens of Instagram to work out what it is about these kitchens that makes them so popular, as well as pulling together a round-up of the top ten kitchens on the photo-sharing app.

kitchens of instagram

The top ten clearly shows which key trends are needed to get the big likes on Instagram; the most popular kitchen of those analyzed is by user wallflower_cottage whose image of their pastel country kitchen has racked up over 11,000 likes and contains all but two of the most commonly recurring kitchen trends.

kitchens of instagram

It seems that to secure the likes for your kitchen on Instagram, it needs to contain a combination of these top five features:

kitchens of instagram

In 25 of the top 27 posts analyzed, the images contained a Shaker style kitchen cupboard or system. While this style of kitchen cupboard is one of the most traditional there is, the term “shaker style kitchen” is still searched in the UK more than 5,000 times per year, with “country style kitchen” following closely with 2,400 searches per year. Year on year we can see that “Shaker kitchen” is only growing in popularity too, with 317 searches in the month of October alone, up from 249 the same time last year.

Another of the top trends featured was plain white cupboards and shelves, which appeared in 19 of the top 27 images. White kitchens are a classic and timeless choice, and searches for the term “white kitchen” in the UK sit at just under 10,000 per year. In October 2020 alone, the UK has searched for “white kitchen cupboards” 276 times, up 48% from same time in 2019, and up 67% from October 2018.

White painted walls also appeared in 17 of the images, and searches to do with white paint almost hit 2,000 a year on average; more evidence that Brits are a fan of a classic white wall.

The most divisive trend that appeared in the analysis, was the addition of a kitchen island. While many adults living in the UK will only dream of having the space to include an island in their kitchens, an island featured in 14 of the top 27 images, often covered with fresh or dried flowers or plants among other accessories left out on show. Searches for kitchen islands in the UK last month were up 34% compared to October of last year, but up 152% on the same search four years ago in 2016. This trend is definitely on the rise.

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