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5 Rug ‘Rules’ To Live By

Too big? Too small? These handy pro tips, with help from New Moon Rugs, will help you and your clients pick out a size that’s just right.


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New Moon Rugs navy gray graphic rug
When rugs look this good, you’ll want to make sure to get it right. Shizoku from New Moon Rugs’ new Kuma Collection is a nod to traditional Japanese block printing and the Shibori dyeing technique.

Let’s face facts: Size does matter. Rugs that are too big look awkward, plus they cover up your clients’ gorgeous hardwood. Get a rug that’s too small, and it can make the room appear smaller and disjointed. We’re not crazy about rules around here, but there are some – let’s call them – “guidelines” to help design professionals get rug size right. Lighting & Decor caught up with New Moon Rugs’ Erika Kurtz to find out what it takes to choose the right size area rug for your clients’ room.

Erika Kurtz says…"The size and shape of a room should dictate the appropriate size rug for a room. It is a matter of finding the right balance with something large enough but not filling the entire space. You want the rug to be big enough to make the space feel larger and more connected. However, you should leave a bit of wood surrounding the rug to allow for some breathing space."

Here are some pointers for finding the perfect fit:

Pro tip #1: Square rugs are for square rooms. Use round rugs in a bathroom, entry or other small places. Rectangular rugs can work pretty much everywhere.

Pro tip #2: Aim for about 6-10 inches of rug on either side of a sofa.

Pro tip #3: All legs on or all legs off is a good rule of thumb. But, if the sofa is up against a wall, the rug should be at least large enough so the front legs of the sofa and other seating can rest on the rug.

Pro tip #4: Leave an extra two feet of rug on all sides under a dining room table.

Pro tip #5: If the rug your client loves is too small for the room, put a larger (and more wallet-friendly) sisal or jute rug down and layer the favorite rug on top.


What is your best rug practice? Share with us in the comments.

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