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7 Steps to Safeguard Your Interior Design Business

Adjusting your mindset is key to keeping your business running in a time of crisis.

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Your attitude and your mindset will dictate your interior design business success.

Have you been watching non-stop news about COVID19? Are you spending your time hunkered down at home, distracting yourself with anything but work? Your interior design business needs you now more than ever. Binge on your business, not on Netflix!

Perhaps you’ve had clients put the brakes on projects in progress, delay the start of a new project, or outright cancel. I get it, that’s scary and sucks. Or you could be like one designer I spoke with who was business as usual with an installation, several deliveries, and a couple of client meetings by Zoom, last week.

Your Attitude & Mindset Are Up To You

Your interior design business will largely go the way your mindset and attitude go. When you react with fear and panic, your business will reflect that. When you respond with courage and creativity, your business will reflect that. Which will you choose?

It’s not business as usual, not even close. There is business to be done and clients who want design now more than ever before. Will you have to do business differently? Yes, absolutely.

Melissa Galt
Digital tools means success for your interior design business.

Every New Tool You Need Is At Your Fingertips

The fantastic news is that your interior design business has every tool necessary at the touch of a button on your keyboard as the tools are all digital. Add Zoom or Skype for client meetings face to face without being toe to toe. Instead of print or physical format, now you’ll provide digital floorplans, elevations, moodboards and more, it’s all possible and far simpler than you might think.

Take the gift of time you have now at home to explore the new tools (they aren’t so new, just new to you potentially.) Reach out to clients, see how they’re weathering the storm we’re in. Find out if there’s anything you can do to make them more comfortable. Isn’t that what the interior design business is all about, making clients more comfortable?

Melissa Galt
Safeguard your interior design business.


Below are seven simple steps to safeguard your interior design business. 

1. Collect all outstanding invoices.

Do this sensitively and smartly, and do it. While many clients won’t be truly affected by the market roller coaster, some will be. Don’t risk taking an unnecessary hit by an insolvent client.

2. Verify terms with all suppliers.

Now is the time to ask for an extension if you might need it. This presumes you have an excellent credit history with your vendors (and the reason you want one.)

3. Focus on revenue-generating activities, including marketing.

This is not the time to pull back and hide as many other businesses are doing. Be the beacon of light in a sea of darkness, stand out.

4. Review your services.

See where you can strategically add a service, provide clarity around existing services, or trim your offerings. Focus on what you love to do and what brings in the most revenue.

5. Assess your brand image online and offline.

Does it truly reflect the quality of your work? Do you need to do some editing or curating on social media, or in your blog? This is the perfect time to polish your image.

6. Create that long overdue content calendar.

Fill it with posts so that your marketing is actually set and scheduled for months to come. It’s so much simpler when you do this rather than scramble at the last minute, or let it stall. Your marketing is a strategic engine that, when done well, keeps your interior design business full and profitable.

7. Clean up your physical premises.

Clean up your office at home or your retail shop (if you can access it safely.) Usually life and business are moving too fast to allow proper time for this type of maintenance, now is the perfect time! You’ll think more clearly, and take action faster in a well appointed, organized work environment (even if you are sharing it with unexpected coworkers like your kids, right now.)

Melissa Galt
Melissa Galt is the author of the Sound Advice blog

Melissa Galt is a sales-generating, referral-building, relationship maker who has the proven processes and successful systems that help you earn more in less time with greater ease, doing exactly what you love most. Whether you want to master time management, renovate your rates, remodel your marketing so it attracts only your ideal clients, or build your team for exceptional growth, Melissa has the strategies and tools you want. She’s been coaching, training, and consulting with designers and retailers for over 15 years. Her expertise is from the trenches of design as a successful residential designer, educator, blogger, and speaker. When you want to ditch what’s not working, you can find her online @melissagalt and www.melissagalt.com.

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