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CO2logic Arnaud Brohe
CO2logic CEO Arnaud Brohe and Senior Project Manager Bill Russell are the SFC’s featured speakers for an industry webinar about the impact of CO2 emissions on health.

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Boardman was president of the company for 40 years, along with serving on numerous furniture-related boards.

woman in blue scrub suit and mask
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Through its newly launched Medical Gown Series fabric line, the company has produced enough material to make 5 million hospital gowns.

The company announced a new Customer Service Manager, Director of Marketing and Vice President – Sales.

The acquisition adds complementary capabilities in lighting as well as advanced distribution and manufacturing to Lucidity’s direct-to-consumer health and wellness brand, Brilli. 

Lighting the Way will feature interviews with lighting industry experts on the latest innovations in lighting design and technology. 

The move comes amid ongoing concerns related to COVID-19 combined with current state and local restrictions.

The company has added an eco-friendly line of fabrics and developed a new merchandising strategy for fabric displays.

The AHFA, HFA and IHFRA issued a join statement in support of the three-period attendance plan.


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