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Alibaba.com: How to Succeed in the Global B2B E-commerce Marketplace

Alibaba shares insights on digitalization in the construction and real estate industries.

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It’s been an amazing year for the construction and remodeling industries in terms of demand. COVID-19 had a huge impact on the volume of business, as well as where and how materials and products were sourced. But of course, that also brought supply chain and cost challenges. Businesses across the industry are looking for real-world solutions for overcoming those challenges and taking advantage of the massive digital B2B trade opportunities that are out there – especially when borders are crossed. Ensuring quality, and giving buyers access to more choices from different suppliers to find products at a price that works for them and their needs, meet their strict requirements, and managing smooth and fast delivery rank among the most important hurdles for buyers.

The Dramatic Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated “going digital” as many aspects of the industry have had to make adjustments, essentially overnight.

For example, amid the pandemic, B2B sourcing and selling through an online ecommerce marketplace grew by 14 percentage points -- from 21% to 35% -- between December 2019 and September 2020 (Source: Alibaba.com US B2B Small and Medium Business Survey, September 2020). 

Businesses have now been exposed to the upsides of embracing ecommerce, and are in search of ways to successfully adopt these new technologies to gain more efficiencies, and achieve new levels of growth.

Alibaba.com and Elite Partner, Doorwin Group, Are Leading the Way

As one of the world’s largest B2B and wholesale online marketplaces, Alibaba.com, and their Elite Partners the Doorwin Group., are leading the way in the digitalization of the Construction and Real Estate industry.

Founded in October 2016, Doorwin entered the market with a specific focus on high-end custom-made windows and doors, and a company mission based on combining advanced innovation & excellent service. Doorwin’s innovations include one of the world’s most advanced CNC fully-automated production lines, new patented designs, and an abundant research and development capability that enables them to satisfy global standards and optimize production.  

This in turn empowers Doorwin to respond quickly to market demands and be 100% customer-centric. And that’s exactly where they excel: reducing cost as much as possible while guaranteeing the optimal product quality, performance, and workmanship. This proved to be essential during the COVID-19 pandemic when the U.S. housing demand plus the manufacturing and supply chain difficulties led to rising material costs and a shortage of building products. 

In just three years, Doorwin has become one of the top ecommerce brands for windows and doors. 

Doorin Group

Alibaba.com is Built for Optimizing Digital Trade

Alibaba.com serves millions of business buyers and suppliers of all sizes across more than 200 countries and regions, offering a suite of powerful tools built specifically for B2B trade. Business buyers can discover new products and place orders on the Alibaba.com platform fast, securely, and efficiently and sellers can reach a global audience for their products. 

To make it easy to connect with partners like Doorwin, Alibaba.com recently introduced an Elite Partner Event that is accessible year-round. This vetted group of global suppliers represents innovative, new technologies and products in a variety of categories to help enhance your competitive edge. 

Access to premier suppliers is just the start. With Alibaba.com, companies can:

  • Expand their international footprint. The inherently global nature of the Alibaba.com supplier base allows buyers to grow their reach digitally without the need to travel. Time zones become unimportant, allowing business discovery and communication 24/7.
  • Optimize shipping efficiencies. Buyers can take advantage of transparent, reliable, and cost-effective logistics services, simplifying the entire process. Intelligent route algorithms and multiple freight forwarders and carriers are available to ensure end-to-end transparency and real-time tracking. 
  • Source securely from around the world. Alibaba.com supports over ten major global payment methods and 50+ currencies worldwide. To reduce the risk, buyers who purchase on the Alibaba.com platform can use the free proprietary order protection escrow service, Trade Assurance. Through Alibaba.com Trade Assurance, if anything goes wrong with issues of quality or shipping delays, Alibaba.com will assist in reaching a satisfactory outcome, including getting your money back. 

Alibaba.com Online Trade Shows: Premium Suppliers. Efficient Sourcing. 

Elite Partners like Doorwin are what help make trade shows an incredibly valuable channel for business buyers to discover new suppliers and products and drive their bottom line. While in-person global shows are still on hold, Alibaba.com has been hosting a series of online trade shows that have resulted in tens of thousands of new connections. 

Learn More

Businesses can learn a whole lot more by visiting Alibaba.com. Premium suppliers and efficient sourcing are just a click away.

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