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Can High Point Become a Year-round Design Destination?

A group of brands and industry experts have a plan to develop High Point by Design (HPxD) as a year-round furniture/design hub. 

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HPxD High Point by Design Ron Royal
A new initiative is underway to make High Point a year-round design destination. Photo credit: Ron Royal

A new vision of High Point as a year-round furniture/design hub open to interior designers, retail buyers and fans of design is in the works. High Point by Design (HPxD) consists presently of a group of 14 early adopter trade brands with plans to begin this transformation in a series of phased steps beginning in September, in partnership with the High Point Market Authority. 

The curated list of High Point brand flagships presently includes Oly Studio, Bobo Intriguing Objects, Verellen, Schwung Home, Mr Brown London, South + English, Red Egg, Cohab.Space (and its brands), Mill Collective, Branch Home, Splashworks, 214 Modern Vintage, The Royals Project and Randall Tysinger Antiques. 

Leveraging High Point’s time-honored furniture and design DNA, HPxD seeks to evolve the city from a trade town hosting a twice-annual show to a year-round design destination. HPxD flagship guidelines include participation in calendared events, phased introduction of regular showroom hours, and absolute commitment to maintaining preferred pricing structure for trade customers, interior designers and retail accounts. 

HPxD is inspired by European models such as the U.K.’s Clerkenwell and Holland’s Eindhoven, where defining trade shows and year-round design activity work synergistically to energize and inspire the trade, home fashion enthusiasts, students, creators and the community. 

Tom Verellen, CEO of Verellen, and among the original HPxD founding flagships, notes: “The time is right to start redefining what High Point is. Can our showrooms engage designers and retailers during robust Market times and beyond? We know so. Will shoppers with a passion for interiors be interested in seeing our brand flagships? We think so. Will we get their juices flowing? Bullseye! What does a bigger, city-wide and ongoing design experience in High Point look like? We want to find out. These are liberating ideas with boundless potential, especially as all of Verellen’s upholstery, occasional and accessories are handmade here in your backyard, which is a true badge of honor.” 

Designer Gary Inman and Designers Today Editor-in-Chief Jane Dagmi have represented the voice of the design community in the group’s many meetings. 

“High Point Market is essential. But as the city opens and emerges as a true design hub, it will be a more important part of the designer’s toolbox, day in and out. At heart, HPxD is really a celebration of design and the profession of interior design," Dagmi says. 

While unique organizations, HPxD and High Point Market share natural synergies, there is also a commitment to the sustenance and growth of the furniture industry in the city of High Point and the state of North Carolina. Both organizations recognize the need for change and innovation to secure the future. 

Tom Conley, president/CEO of the High Point Market Authority notes: “As always, our goal is to move the Market forward. HPxD asks us all to reconsider traditional paradigms, which will be good for the Market, the world of design and the city. I’ve watched the HPxD initiative with keen interest from day one. It’s great to see innovation percolate at the showroom level. It’s a sign of vitality.” 

Learn more at HPxD’s preliminary website www.hpxd.org. A complete website is scheduled to launch later in August). 

Showroom participation is by invitation. For consideration, please email hello@hpxd.org. 

ABOUT HPxD Today, HPxD flagship showrooms are open to the trade and design enthusiasts by-appointment and during calendared events, with a commitment to regular opening hours as the concept advances. HPxD founding partners come from all industry walks. Founding brands include Tom Verellen and Brandon Snyder (Verellen), John Muldoon (COHAB.SPACE), Carol Gregg (Red Egg), Tom Van Dessel (Splashworks), Frank Leyon (Oly), Tim Branscome (The Mill Collective) and Stacey Osiecki (Bobo Intriguing Objects). Additional founding partners include interior designer Gary Inman, journalist Jane Dagmi, photographer Ron Royals, marketer Kathy Devereux, Tom Conley and Dudley Moore of the High Point Market Authority, and Melody Burnett, Visit High Point.


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