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Casegoods Hardware Too Hot to Handle

Can't touch this: Detailed hardware is hot with casegoods, and consumers are loving it. See how these casegoods turn up the heat with intricate hardware and stand the test of time with their functionality.

Alison Martin
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Truman black sideboard with four doors in black with brass hardware from Classic Home

Traditional sideboards, credenzas, consoles and buffets embodied the phrase, "seen, not heard." Plain in design yet stately, they sat in dining rooms and living rooms, holding the consumer's wedding china and waiting for a holiday or special occasion to be used.

But over the last decade, the fine china industry changed. Once a staple of every wedding registry, fine china hasn't held its popularity, especially with Millennials. As the Houston Chronicle reported in 2016, only 26 percent of 18-34 couples on TheKnot.com registered for fine dining. If consumers aren't buying fine dining, then they probably won't need to buy storage for it either.

So manufacturers have taken a different approach. By adding intricate hardware to their casegoods, they're turning them into more functional, beautiful pieces that look gorgeous, can still hold barware, partyware and extra wine and beer glasses and move easily from one room of the home to another.

Check out these stylish and supremely functional casegoods.

Truman Sideboard — Classic Home

Truman sideboard in black with gold hardware from Classic Home

A little Art Deco and a lot of style go a long way for Classic Home's Truman sideboard. The brass hardware stands out against the solid oak, which is finished in black. On the inside, the Truman sideboard comes with adjustable shelves, which can be added and removed as the consumer needs them.

Though the Truman measures 76 inches in length, it's only 18 inches wide, which means it won't overcrowd a smaller home and it can fit into dining rooms, living rooms and even entryways. As Millennial homeowners purchase their first homes and Boomers begin to downsize, the Truman sideboard can adapt easily to the new space. Its sturdiness and flexibility ensure that consumers will have a sideboard built to last and grow with them.

Kallista Cabinet — Currey & Company

Kallista cabinet in blue with brass hardware from Currey and Company

Fewer consumers shy away from color nowadays, and Currey & Company knows this. The company's Kallista cabinet cannot go unnoticed with its Sapphire, Caviar Black and Antique Brass finishes. As if the colors weren't enough, the hardware on the Kallista packs a punch for its minimal design. The straight, clean lines enhance the color without taking away too much attention.

Ideal for a dining or living room, the Kallista has three adjustable shelves inside. For consumers who love to throw parties, the shelves can be taken out to make room for decanters, large liquor bottles and shakers.

Dahna Console — IMAX

Dahna console in black with gold hardware and one shelf from IMAX

If the Dahna console from IMAX had simple, straight pulls on the drawers, you might not ever notice it. But the contrast between the square designs on the sides and the rounded pulls give added interest to this console.

It may seem like this console could never stand up in a dining room, but maybe that's why it works so well. For consumers buying their first home and getting married, the Dahna provides enough space for consumers who don't have a lot of dinnerware anyway. As their homes grow, the Dahna can be moved to the living room or hallway, still providing room for storage and display without overtaking the room.

Soho Luxe Buffet — Bernhardt

Soho Luxe Buffet with silver trim and hardware and a brown wood base from Bernhardt

Talk about detail: Bernhardt's Soho Luxe buffet has a lot going on. First off, the inset mirrored glass top and end panels reflect light and create a unique effect. The Dark Caramel finish and fancy face block pattern of White Ash Burl set up the square hardware on the two doors, and the stainless steel frame surrounding the buffet ties it all together.

But open up the buffet and it's a whole new ballgame. The interior has four shelves and two drawers, and the back panel has openings for wires and cords. While the Soho Luxe buffet may start out in the dining room, it could easily move to the living room to support a TV and hold plenty of movies, remote controls and video games.


Detailed hardware: yay or nay? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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