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Cozzia Seeks to Set New Massage Chair Standard with Quantum

The Quantum massage chair capitalizes on AI already in use by Cozzia, while focusing on technologies designed to surpass current customer experiences.

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Cozzia Quantum Massage Chair

Cozzia USA, the market leader in massage technology and health and wellness seating, is introducing “Quantum” at the April High Point Market, the most elevated massage chair advancement to date, the company says. Based on more than 12 years of rigorous research and development in advanced technologies this introduction is set to transform the massage chair industry, it continues.

Quantum capitalizes on Artificial Intelligence already in use by Cozzia USA, while focusing on more innovative technologies to far surpass any current user experience with massage chairs, the company says. 

This revolutionary new massage chair continues to individualize each massage based on key user parameters while capitalizing on multiple advancements in Cozzia USA’s own technology and integrating them into Quantum, such as:

  • Fifth Generation Adaptive 5D Mechanism, which contains 3D and 4D technology, adds a smart sensor with real-time adjustments to the massage force by measuring weight and pressure put on the rollers. 
  • More than 60 real-life master massage techniques, 27 high-precision sensors were used to construct a precise 3D mapping of a user’s body and a 20 percent expansion in massage width extending to 9 inches.
  • SL FlexTrack, a two-stage guide rail with industry leading adjustment of up to 167 degrees, allows for the most comfortable lying posture for a massage to relieve back and spinal pressure or adjust the position to achieve a true zero gravity massage.
  • Advanced leg and foot care with heated air compression, foot reflexology, 3D wrap-around heated knee massage and a footrest that not only massages but stretches the ankle and leg for improved circulation and movement.
  • Ergonomic airbag support in the seat considers the effect of hips, thighs, and the pelvic area on a user’s massage while the enhanced support improves posture and relieves lower back pain.
  • The Quantum can target and stretch the Neck, Upper/Mid/Lower Back, hips, thighs calves and feet or combine these stretches into automated partial or full body programs for ease of use.

“Our vision is to continuously improve the quality and overall experience of the massage to equal or exceed anything available outside of the home. Our fifth-generation robot substantially improves the depth and techniques of massage and constantly monitors pressure to ensure the correct amount is applied no matter the size or shape of an individual. This chair adapts per person, making it right for everyone.” said Mark Holmes, CEO of Cozzia USA.

Quantum is unlike anything offered today in the category of health and wellness seating in home furnishings with industry-defining features and benefits, according to the company. This transformative massage chair builds on generations of technological innovation at Cozzia USA and offers enhancements over earlier designs to deliver the world’s first pressure sensing massage chair. With the industry leading FlexTrack and more stretch options than any of its predecessors, you can experience a spa day at home with Quantum.

John Cribbs, Executive Vice President for Cozzia USA, stated, “The feedback we received with our soft launch in Las Vegas was exactly what we anticipated. Our existing customers, particularly our long-term partners, were excited and impressed because they recognized the innovative technologies integrated into Quantum would be game-changing for the industry.”

Below are additional features of Quantum intended to appeal to the senses and create a positive, elevated user experience unlike any previously. These sensory enhancements include:

Intelligent AI voice control built into the chair
12.3-inch HD touchscreen control
4-speaker 3D surround sound system by Monster TM
Chromotherapy LED mood lighting
Negative ION aromatherapy
Silent Massage 
Full body heating with temperature adjustment

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