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Cyan Design Unveils Renewed Brand Identity

The new logo for Cyan Design provides a more modern design, while paying homage to its heritage.

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cyan Design logo
Cyan Design has unveiled a new logo.

Cyan Design has announced the introduction of a renewed brand identity. 

“As a family-owned company, our legacy is about responsibly delivering quality accessories, lighting and furniture easily distinguishable in the marketplace. We are proud to carry these values forward into the future,” stated Jose Lopez, President of Cyan Design. 

The decision to rebrand Cyan Design stems from the company's desire to better communicate its essence, story and aspirations. While Cyan's core values and commitment to excellence remain unchanged, the company recognizes the importance of telling its story in a way that resonates with customers. 

Cyan has unveiled a visual identity that pays homage to its heritage while embracing a modern aesthetic. This updated look and  feel will reflect the company's entire product range, website and marketing efforts. 

Cyan's official rebrand launch is slated for Fall 2023 High Point Market, and will include a newly renovated showroom (IHFC, C-258) to showcase the experience the spirit of Cyan Design. 

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