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Decorative Dynamics: Style Board

From mirrors to sculptures, ancillary decor creates a focal point that commands attention and adds scale to your living space.

By Gianna Annunzio
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Marne vases.

Incorporating decor into a space is about uncovering the finishing touches that transform a house into a home. For those seeking to enhance their living spaces with the latest trends, various showrooms offer a wealth of insights into the world of ancillary home decor. Whether it be through unique pieces or materials, there are an abundance of creative ways to seamlessly incorporate these pieces into your space.

Companies such as Currey & Company adopt a design direction focused on creating a floor-to-ceiling concept that tells a cohesive brand story — similar to how most customers aim to furnish their homes. Though the group houses various ancillary decorative items, Currey’s showroom provides the full picture: harmoniously incorporating decorative items, furnishings and case goods as well. This approach allows visitors to envision how these items can coexist in their own living spaces.

Currey & Company focuses on creating a floor-to-ceiling concept that tells a cohesive brand story.
Currey & Company focuses on creating a floor-to-ceiling concept that tells a cohesive brand story.

“The inclusion of both accessories and case goods give us a wonderful opportunity to tell a complete and compelling story to designers, to access Currey as a trusted source for not only lighting, but for accent furniture and accessories as well,” says Cecil Adams, VP & Creative Director at Currey & Company. “It is a great opportunity to create visual stories using all the categories we now have in the lineup.”

One trend that has caught the eye of discerning customers is an aesthetic that combines inspiration from both ancient and modern decor. In this case, customers often mix ancient or classical items with modern case goods and accessories. This juxtaposition of old and new elements infuses a sense of timelessness into home decor.

“Think busts or torsos inspired by ancient artifacts,” says Adams. “Bronze sculptures are also well received by customers and add a layer of texture to a console table mix.” Another trend Adams sees is rough terra cotta, or hand-thrown ceramic pieces in a matte black and white finish. This typically exudes a Japanese Modernist vibe.

“Additionally, our porcelain collections in classic colors always add a nice pop of color and shine to any mix of accessories,” he says.

Natural materials have also made a notable comeback in the realm of home decor. The choice of materials and textures can significantly impact the ambience of a living space.

“Materials and trends seem to go hand in hand, and anything marble or stone, rough or matte finish ceramics and textured bronze are all materials that customers are gravitating towards,” Adams says. Boxes and trays that combine wood and bone or incorporate natural shells like mother of pearl in geometric or tessellated patterns are also popular choices.

At A&B Home, some of the latest decor trends include items that tie a room together, including final installments on a coffee table or bookshelf. Sustainable goods have also influenced the products that are sought after according to Laura Maguire, Merchandising & Marketing at A&B.

“We’re seeing buyers move toward carved wood or stone trays and bowls, to large table top pieces like chains and sculptures,” she says. “A&B is seeing the increase in modern or eclectic textures in home decor, as well as knot inspired patterns on textiles and metal sculptures.”

Customers are also gravitating towards organic materials including teak wood, stone and metals for their ancillary decor. The fusion of modern designs with rustic textures is proving to be particularly attractive.

“I think we are starting to see a trend of traditional yet unique pieces in home decor, whether it’s through the design or materials used to create the pieces,” she says. “We definitely see A&B’s customers really leaning into a transitional take on traditional designs while incorporating warm tones and organic materials.”

Nomad shelf sage brook
Sagebrook Home’s collection of vases and bookends.

The resurgence of florals also signifies a shift toward homey living, breathing life and warmth into rooms, providing the perfect finishing touch.

“There’s nothing better than a floral arrangement to bring life and warmth to a room!,” she says.

As A&B Home also expands to include larger, whole-home furnishings, the showroom experience has undergone a transformation. The integration of these furnishings is not merely an addition but a marriage, allowing buyers to visualize complete room settings.

“It allows you to really envision the decor, from how the vase sits against a certain tone of wood, or to seeing the functionality of the furnishings in an almost real-life setting,” she says. “I think that’s a major part of the beauty of seeing the harmonious inclusion of decorative items with new furnishings.”

For those seeking creative ways to display ancillary home decor, Maguire suggests a mantra: layers.

“I cannot rave enough about layering textures and decor to give your space depth and unique statements that catch your eye,” she says. “I always say there is no wrong way to design your space if it makes you look at it and say ‘this is home,’ but you can always use a trick or two to create that perfect space. Grouping really allows you to show your creativity and make it your own. By combining modern glass vases for height, for example, accompanied by metal-toned candle holders for textures and some marble bowls and books as risers, you find a balance that makes the room complete.”

At Howard Elliott, marble, leather, slate and iron are among top customer choices when it comes to ancillary decor. These materials not only provide a sense of timelessness, but offer sturdiness and durability. Bree Cassidy, the group’s Marketing Coordinator, also sees a clear shift toward embracing color, patterns and texture. These elements offer the opportunity to inject personality into your space and create a unique ambience.

“There are so many pieces that make a house a home,” she says. “Those accessories include vases for pops of color, decorative boxes for storage, pillows to add warmth, mirrors to add reflection or unique pieces of accent furniture to add your own personal style.”

Howard Elliott’s versatile offerings empower customers to craft distinct, curated environments.
Howard Elliott’s versatile offerings empower customers to craft distinct, curated environments

To elevate your living space, it’s also important to consider innovative ways to display your ancillary home decor items.

“Great accessories and lighting can enhance and complete the environment you are creating to make a house feel like home,” Adams says. “You can use a bronze sculpture to add drama to a credenza or console, mixed with statement lamps and mirrors to make a bold statement in a foyer or dining room.”

Large-scale floor lamps can also be strategically placed on either side of a fireplace or near an entrance to command attention and add scale to the room, he says. Accessories can make bookcases more interesting, reflecting the mood and enhancing the story you’re telling in your space. Placing a sculpture on a pedestal in front of a large window or on both sides can add drama or serve as a focal point, preventing the eye from moving too quickly through the room.

Cassidy also says that the beauty of home decor lies in its versatility. The key is to think creatively and let your imagination run free. Ancillary home decor items can be used to tell a unique story about your space, giving it a personality that’s distinctly yours.

“Whether it’s combining elegant accent tables with intricately framed mirrors to create a focal point in the living room or arranging a selection of decorative sculptures and vases to infuse character into any corner of the home,” Cassidy says, “Howard Elliott’s versatile offerings empower individuals to craft distinct, curated environments.” 

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