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Design Stop: 'Less Is More' for Amy Krause Design

Based in Kansas City, Amy Krause runs a bicoastal design firm. 

Gianna Annunzio
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Amy Krause Design
Amy Krause Design develops interiors that inspire new ways of experiencing home and life.

Specializing in designing interiors that inspire new ways of experiencing home and life, Amy Krause Design is a bicoastal full-service interior design firm based in the Kansas City metro area. The firm provides professional, full-service interior design to expertly create cohesion, personalization and polish throughout a home. “We collaborate with homeowners in creating cohesive styles and effortless sophistication for living,” Krause says.

However, interior design wasn’t where Krause’s passion began. She originally graduated from the University of California, San Diego, where she studied psychology and visual arts. She later earned degrees in interior design and kitchen and bath design, graduating with honors.     

“I’m a bit of a renaissance woman and found my true calling as an interior designer a little later than some,” she says. “Upon graduation, I ended up taking some graphic design courses I really enjoyed. This led to an introduction and a position as a junior art director for a global ad agency based in Puerto Rico.”     

That experience lasted about a year before Krause decide it wasn’t a good fit for her. She moved to Seattle shortly after to work for her family’s business instead.     

“Nearly all of my work experiences were creatively focused, until I was in a job that, to put it bluntly, I absolutely hated,” she says. “It was completely a non-creative position with zero life affirming energy.”     

This was the point where Krause knew something had to change. Once she discovered interior design, there was no looking back. less is more Today in 2023, Krause describes herself as a “less is more” designer, even with more traditional spaces. The style for each project is centered around the client’s vision and how they want to “feel” in their home. Clients tend to seek her out for curated spaces that are on trend, yet not trendy, and truly tell their stories.     

“I generally create timeless designs, mixing eclectic and modern elements along with embracing clean lines and room to breathe,” she says. “This usually includes elements of nature, while keeping it both warm and personal.”     

Her favorite projects usually center around transforming an entire space, Krause says. Be it a living room, bedroom, kitchen or bath, she aims to create the biggest and longest impact, both functionally and style-wise.     

“I live for full-service kitchen and bath interior design projects where I’m involved from concept to completion,” she says. “I also really enjoy space planning because of the challenges. It’s a puzzle just waiting to be solved. Not to mention the final and most crucial personal touches to a full-service project that add the polish and personality to the space.”     

To further assist her in this process, Krause created the Hopes and Dreams Planning Session — the first step she takes when beginning a project. This entails a 15-minute call with a potenial client to discuss their particular project. If it’s a good fit, the next step evolves into a two hour, in-home meeting.     

“It offers a chance for my client and I to start our connection, identify opportunities to create comfort in their home and for them, and to gain professional insight and expertise on how to make their ideas into a reality,” she says. “I’ve been told that I am pretty perceptive, so that helps greatly during these sessions in ensuring I understand their needs and can bring their dreams to life.”     

With this attitude, it comes as no surprise that Krause also considers mentorship one of the most important elements in succeeding in the industry — she hosts high school and college interns regularly.     

“I also have two office spaces in one building about five minutes from my home; one for client and vendor meetings and the other being my design library where I can invite clients in to see, touch and feel materials and products,” she says.     

“I love the industry, the people, the projects, and am energized by my clients’ excitement when it comes to transforming their spaces,” she says. “Nothing makes me happier than when they tell me, ‘this is better than I ever imagined,’ and the unexpected aspects of their lives that have improved because of our work together. Seriously, what’s more rewarding than that?”

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