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EIC Bowling to Participate in Media + Mimosas Panel at High Point Market

She will join Erica Ward, Sarah Parker Young and Taylor Toledo to discuss the importance of social media, PR and blogging in the interior design industry.

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Lighting & Decor's Editor-in-Chief Nicole Bowling will participate in a panel of industry experts at High Point Market in April to showcase the importance of social media, public relations and blogging in the design industry sponsored by Loft Media Group, a marketing firm for the interior design industry.

Additional panelists include Erika Ward, Principal Designer of Erika Ward Interiors, Sarah Parker Young, Public Relations Expert and Taylor Toledo, Director of Marketing for the Kerrie Kelly Companies.

“Social media has leveled the playing field for designers and brands in our industry. It’s important for businesses to recognize what they can do on their own and what they should outsource to be efficient and front of mind for their clients,” Taylor Toledo stated.

Representing printed media, Bowling will address the industry-wide shift toward digital: “As much as we hear that print is dead, I firmly believe that it's not — it's just changing, as is everything else in the media landscape. People still want that tactile experience of thumbing through a beautiful, glossy design magazine, but we as editors and publishers also have to understand the changing market and consumer to provide fresh and exciting content through digital channels as well.”

The expert media panel, titled Media + Mimosas, will be held at the Feizy Rugs showroom at High Point Market on Monday, April 24th. Guests can expect takeaways like best practices for social media, the ways PR adds visibility, the importance of being in a trade publication, and how designers can take matters into their own hands with blogging and content creation.

For more information on the panelists, please email Taylor at taylor@kerriekelly.com.

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